It was a beautiful day here in Seattle, the day after Christmas. The Olympic mountains are bathed in fresh snow, the sun was reflected off of the crystal clear mountains, the water was still and blue. Sort of a lull between rainstorms, and of course our days are really short now (getting longer every day, however).

And the Washington State Dems win one, or at least it appears like it. Christine Gregoire wins the Gubernatorial race by 130 votes after a statewide hand recount that followed a computer recount, I am sure you know the story. Now the Republicans are making all the same arguments they opposed just a few weeks ago. Hey that’s politics, and Gregoire isn’t that great a Democrat, either, if the truth be known. Let’s put it this way; She’s not going to support legalizing marijuana or gay marriage anytime soon. But after this year we’ll take any victory.

Of course this is all the lull before the storm. Our newly-elected president is about to submit his nominations to the federal courts, including the dozen or so that were previously rejected. So much for his talk of reconciliation. Hell, he said the same thing 4 years ago, and now he has actually been elected, so don’t expect any hands reaching across the divide this time. The GOP seems more in a vindictive mood, and they will probably drive a few members over to our side before its over.

Happy new year. May we all stay free next year to enjoy this wonderful world. That’s not a given anymore, as Tommy Chong and Martha Stewart could tell you.