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Dave Ross: the Un-Monson

Is there a nicer man than Dave Ross, the CBS Radio commentator and KIRO talk-show host?

Last year he was drafted by the Democratic Party to run for Congress in Washington State’s 8th Congressional District. After handily winning the Democratic Primary he was pitted against King County Sheriff Dave Reichert, the GOP nominee.

It was a rude awakening for him, as the Republicans used their usual scorched-earth tactics against him. The Party ran ads depicting a burned-out wasteland as Dave Ross’s Washington. The presumption was that he was against the War on Terror and therefore the world would be destroyed if he was elected.

He lost and returned to his Talk-Radio Schtick, where he remains extremely popular. And amazingly, he is the same nice guy, extremely fair, and never complains about the way the Republicans treated him.

Last week he even had his former opponent now Congressman Dave Reichert as a guest. The reason was that Mr. Reichert was one of the few Republican Congressman to vote against the Schiavo travesty as the Republicans tried to capitalize on a family’s tragedy in Florida. Mr. Reichert explained how he had dealt with a similar situation in his own family and didn’t think that the Federal Government had any right to be interfering. It was a thoughtful and sane approach, and Ross applauded him for his courage. Nary a word about the campaign.

A few nights later Mr. Ross attended a public meeting held by Mr. Reichert about Social Security. As he explained yesterday on his radio station, he stayed in the background as an observer, unrecognized by most of the people in attendance.

It turned out that many in the audience were rude and heckled and tried to stop the Congressman from speaking. Dave Ross thought that was extremely rude, and that was a large part of what he spoke about on his show yesterday. He defended public servants and explained how difficult it is to hold public meetings when people are so rude.

Then we have Dori Monson, who constantly rails against politicians and government. I consider myself an anti-authoritarian person, but Dori is ridiculous. He never considers that the government is us, and that many of the people who serve in public office are making a sacrifice and have noble motives. To him they are all buffoons who are trying to raise his taxes.

A State Senator appeared on his show the other day and raised the point that public servants often make personal sacrifices to serve in office. Dori would have none of that. He spends his time on radio making personal attacks against those in politics he disagrees with, especially local Democrats, who he calls tools of the special interests. In his case, he is not talking about the usual special interests, large corporations and people who seek to make money from influencing the government. To him special interests are labor unions, poor people, minorities, and artists. While he believes in spending billions of dollars on our military, he is totally against mass transit or anything else the government does to help people.

He should take a lesson from Dave Ross, a true gentleman.

Terry Schiavo, Finally Able to RIP

The creators of South Park are really amazing guys. Last night’s new episode, which was about Kenny being called to Heaven to help defend the place from the Devil’s war on them, was truly prescient.

It turned out that Kenny had a living will, which makes sense for a guy who dies as much as he does.
Our New UN Ambassador?

When the will was discovered it said that if Kenny is ever on life-support, please don’t put him on television in that state and make a media spectacle of his death. Kenny and Kyle, who were fighting to keep his feeding tube in him then realized that their good intentions were not what he really had wanted, and they finally left him to die, whereupon he went to Heaven and saved the place.

More About South Park here

This show premiered mere hours before Terry Schiavo actually died.

I am in awe.

This will be my one and only Schiavo post. My condolences to all of her loved ones.

Republicans Imploding

Nobody should be surprised at what is happening to the Republicans, especially if you know anything at all about history. Although they like to pretend that they are respectable and compassionate people, after they seize power they inevitably go much too far and end up alienating the vast majority of decent citizens. I am incredulous that the Democrats don’t do more to inform the people about the history of the Republicans and what we can expect from them.

We could go back to Harding and Coolidge, 80 years ago to see how their laissez-faire attitude towards business and investing caused the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt was swept into power and immediately implemented Social Security. The Republicans squealed like stuck pigs. This is Communism they yelled and much worse things. Just like they demonized Clinton and Kerry, but much worse. They don’t mention now that they have always hated Social Security and have been waiting for this opportunity to gut it ever since.

After World War II Communism was the great boogie man. Anybody who opposed the laissez faire policies of the Republicans was labelled a Communist. Thousands of people, who were mere liberals, were branded as Communists. Their lives were ruined and some were killed.

Nowadays the Republicans embrace Kennedy, but they sure didn’t while he was president. They blocked everything he proposed, especially Civil Rights. The real reason he was visiting Texas when he was killed was because he was taking his fight to the tiger’s mouth. The south was where Kennedy was villified and eventually killed, lest we forget.

Kennedy’s death eventually led to the passage of the Civil Rights bill, with Republicans screaming all the way again. This was when the south switched from being strongly Democratic to Republican for good. All the bigots who were against Civil Rights all of a sudden became good Conservative Republicans, but nobody had really changed inside.

Nixon, who doesn’t look too bad compared to the current administration, ran the government the same way Bush does, with an iron hand. In fact, some of the same characters, such as Rumsfeld and Cheney got their start under Nixon. He was brought down when he overreached by using thugs and dirty tricks to get elected and maintain his power. Doesn’t that sound suspiciously similar to last year’s election tactics by the Bushies? Democrats are always taken by surprise by the Republican election tricks, because it is hard for us to believe that anybody could sink so low. How does a deserter destroy the reputation of a war hero? Well now we know it can be done.

Jimmy Carter was too nice a guy, and the Republicans ran him out of office with their nefarious tactics.

Clinton was elected, and the Republicans ran a non-stop smear campaign against him. Fortunately the people were able to see that Newt Gingrich and his coherts were the real meanies in this battle and Clinton was re-elected much to their dismay.

My point is that the Republicans are really not very nice people. They don’t want what you and I want. Fortunately we can always count on them to overreach and attempt to take this country in directions most decent people never wanted.

Unfortunately they do a great deal of harm before they are exposed. I don’t know if this country will ever be able to recover from the environmental degradation that is taking place, the enemies we have made all over the world especially in Arab countries, and the poor unfortunate people all over the world who have suffered because of their rule.

Not to mention the financial hole we have put onto future generations.

Latest on Washington State’s Governors Race

Hey, bet you didn’t know that the Washington State Governor’s Race was still being contested by the losing Republicans? Unless of course you live in Washington State where the only news for the last six months has been how those damn people in King County are running things just because they have so many criminals voting there.

Today’s news in the Seattle Times is about the latest gambit by the Republicans, releasing a list of 1135 felons who voted in the gubernatorial election illegally. The Times checked the 462 King County names and found that 165 were invalid, because they included juvenile cases that did not disqualify the voters.

The Seattle Times: Politics: GOP’s
felon list may be way off

In Whatcom County the discrepency was even more appalling. Of 13 supposed felons voting, 6 turned out to be non-felons and 3 of the others didn’t vote anyway. In all fairness, Whatcom is home to Bellingham, another liberal hotbed in the state. :-)

I had vowed not to use smileys in my serious blog, but that last sentence called out so badly for one, I couldn’t resist.

So now we find that hundreds of people had their names released to the news media as felons when they weren’t at all. Hmmm, weren’t Republicans once known for protecting innocent citizens’ privacy rights?

The court case that all this evidence is being gathered for drags on 6 months after the election. Can you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if the situation was reversed? Well, of course we don’t have to imagine, because they were ahead at first, and then again after the 1st recount, and we know exactly what they were doing, pressuring Gregoire to be a good sport and concede.

To overturn an election through the courts in Washington State, you actually have to prove that there was fraud. It is not enough to say that a certain number of voters illegally voted. You need to prove that this was plotted by the Democrats to steal the election. I myself resent the insinuation that felons vote Democratic anyway. Republicans assume this because most prisoners are minorities, therefore they vote Democrat. For one thing, felons are totally unpredictable. Sometimes they are crazy, sometimes they are white racists, mostly they are anti-social and can’t really be pinned-down as being part of a political group.

Here’s an idea. The Republicans should take a poll of prisoners and/or felons to find out how they vote. If they turn out to be conservatives, wouldn’t that be a goof?!!

I’d be interested in seeing the results myself. And Mary Lane should be in charge.

Our new UN Ambassador

Wilford Brimley appointed to harass other countries, get him out of Rice’s hair.

Our New UN Ambassador?

Our New UN Ambassador
Stop Bolton

Are you an Operative? How about an Appeaser?

One way you can tell that a radio host listens to Fox News is by their vocabulary. Lately I have noticed a couple of words coming up quite often. A Democratic volunteer or somebody who works for the party is now called an “operative.” There’s something sinister sounding about that word, huh? Sounds vaguely communistic, like calling somebody a comrade.

The other word I have been hearing more is an “appeaser.” An appeaser, if you can’t tell, is somebody who doesn’t believe that the way to affect change is to attack other countries and bomb the hell out of them. In other words, an appeaser is a peacenik, or a bleeding heart liberal. Hmmm.

How much is a latte a day?

Dori Monson is talking about Dan Rather today, and how the blogs brought him down. Ho hum. Boring.

So I am going to talk about this commercial he does for Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning Company, here in Seattle. The commercial is trying to sell air conditioning to the Seattle audience, which is a tough sell, since we typically have only about 2 weeks a year with temperatures over 80 degrees.

Dori’s selling point is that it only costs about the same as “A Latte A Day.” Seattleites, of course, are big latte drinkers, and presumably they can relate to the fact that they go to Starbucks or Tully’s or one of the smaller coffee houses every day.

So presuming he is talking about $3 a day, and we’ll allow 365 days a year, even though realistically Seattleites probably only go during the work week, but we’ll make it simple, so we are talking a little over $1000 a year. But what does the commercial actually mean? Does it mean that it costs $1000 to install an air conditioner in your home? Or does he mean that is the cost of the electricity to use the air conditioner, $1000 a year? I am confused. Is it only $3 a day when you are using it, or is it $1000 a year every year? Does he mean it will be $3 a day forever, or does he mean just for the first year?

I don’t know. And there are no answers forthcoming either. The statement is meaningless, and I don’t know who has the correct answer. In the meantime, no air conditioner for me, thank you, until I know how much it’s going to cost anyway!

What is a Terrorism Expert anyway?

Here in Seattle, one of the highest-rated radio stations is KIRO, a talk-radio station with a mixed bag of hosts. Many of them are liberal, befitting a city like Seattle, including noted CBS Radio commentator Dave Ross, who was recently a losing candidate for Congress.

By far the most controversial talkshow host is Dori Monson, who operates the afternoon slot. He started as a sports commentator, has an ingratiating and friendly attitude, except when it comes to politics, where he has become more and more conservative and dogmatic.

One of his favorite guests is Edward Turzanski, a professor at LaSalle University in Philadelphia. Turzanski is always introduced by Dori Monson as a “terrorism expert.” I’ve been listening to Dori and Turzanski for awhile now, and I wondered, what the hell is a terrorism expert anyway? For that matter, what is a terrorist anyway? We all know about the 9/11 terrorists, and the Palestine suicide bombers, etc., but the phrase is often used for just about anybody who disagrees with the current government in the United States.

A Google Search shows that other people wonder what a terrorism expert is also. I suggest you do a search on “terrorism expert” and see for yourself. There are some very interesting articles to read.

Unfortunately the best way to become a terrorist expert is to be anointed by Fox News as one.

All of this explains why that whenever Dori brings Mr. Turzanski on his program, they immediately start lighting into every liberal they know. He hates John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, for example, and he really really hates Teddy Kennedy. Don’t get me started on the Kennedy haters. Somehow even though everybody now adores JF Kennedy, because he is dead after all, and his policies have effectively been stopped by Republicans, it is still quite acceptable to hate all of his relatives. Go figure.

I digress.

Invariably the first thing Mr. Turzanski does, after saying something nasty about Teddy Kennedy of course, is to quote Britt Hume of Fox News. Both Dori and Turzanski then chuckle at how brilliant Mr. Hume is, making it clear that they actually watch Fox News. Think about that for a minute. They actually think that Fox News is a credible source of news and opinion. Britt Hume, who sold his soul to Rupert Murdoch, is now treated as a knowledgable source by these guys.

Since I have to listen to KIRO anyway, I am going to start following Dori Monson’s show and pointing out his errors and bias, as well as Mr. Turzanski’s. I mean, why should only conservatives be allowed to be terrorism experts anyway?

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