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Dori Getting Hoisted on His Own Petard

Dori Monson’s bid to lure away some of the rightwingers from Hate Radio is starting to work, judging from some of the nutcases that have been calling his show lately. At the same time there are fewer liberals willing to subject themselves to his ridicule and hostility, or maybe they are just switching to Air America 1090 or the Mariners games on KOMO 1000, or NPR.

On Tuesday Dori had an amazing 2-hour interview with Dan McDonald, Washington State’s Transportation Secretary. McDonald is one of the few in government who gets along with Dori and is able to handle his fanatical anti-tax screeds. Dori did start by bringing up Sound Transit and McDonald handled it well, pointing out that the money in question had nothing to do with the highways and that the cost overruns were part of the past and everybody was sorry for that, but it has nothing to do with our current transportation situation.

Near the end of the session, one wingnut called up to complain about $10 million that was being spent to protect the salmon from construction run-off. He railed that he didn’t want one cent spent protecting animals. This is heresy in Washington State; even Republicans support the salmon here. Just about anybody in Seattle can tell you the difference between our local wild salmon and the inferior farm-raised Atlantic variety.

The caller ended his diatribe saying that fish aren’t endangered anyway; he was just in Alaska where people threw fish out on the ice after a hockey game. Dori was totally stunned by this caller and muttered something about those fish already being dead before hanging up.

Then on Wednesday Dori was discussing the case of the 5-year old student being handcuffed in school. Dori is totally unsympathetic to the little girl’s case, calling her a spoiled child whose mother needs to be punished. Then a caller said that the problem was that black people didn’t raise their kids right, and once again, Dori was shocked and uncharacteristically did not have one of his rejoinders ready.

Finally on Thursday, Dori was discussing the TV Show ER and how it has lost its appeal for him. A caller said the problem was when they started the story about one of the doctor’s being a lesbian, and how she never watches a show with gay themes. Dori was incredulous and asked her, what you don’t even watch Will and Grace? She repeated that no, she never watches a show with any gay characters on it.

Well I guess it’s working for him; he’s starting to get the audience he wanted.

Correctional officer can’t see felons voting for Gregoire

In my Blog of April 4th I commented on the Republicans’ assertion that the felons who voted in our gubernatorial race would have voted Democratic. We can’t assume that at all. In today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer there is a letter to the editor from a correctional officer who says that there is no way that felons would ever have voted for an Attorney-General:

“I am a correctional officer at a major state correctional institution. I am a supporter of Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Reading of the Republicans’ assertion that statistics support the likelihood that felons voted for Gregoire, I have to raise a big red flag.

Based upon my observations of felons in prison, it is highly unlikely that most felons voted for Gregoire. It is more likely that felons would have voted for Dino Rossi.

During the long election contest, many inmates expressed their opinions to me. Inmates seemed attracted to Rossi because they would rather vote for a man and also because Rossi was promising to shake up state government.

The biggest reason felons are unlikely to have voted for Gregoire is her former occupation: state attorney general. Convicted felons do not support prosecuting attorneys. Many felons expressed concern that Gregoire might be too tough on them.

As one of my history teachers used to say, “Facts lie, and liars have facts.” The statistical analysis of the Republicans is not valid, because there are too many other factors that affect the way felons vote. Criminals do not support attorneys general. ”

Greg Senderhauf

Happy Passover

Tonight is Passover, and I will happily be celebrating with my family. Happy Passover to all, especially David Horowitz, Paul Wolfowitz, Rabbi Lapin, and those others who have thrown in their lot with the Fundamentalist Christians. I hope you realize your new found friends are still not going to let you into Heaven unless you repent and go to Jesus.

May everybody throughout the world, but especially those in Israel, Iraq and the rest of the troubled Middle East be blessed in the coming year, and may those who spread the policies of hate see the error of their ways.

Christians 1, Microsoft and Gay Rights 0

The Reverend Ken Hutcherson is on Dave Ross’ show right now and is definitely taking credit for Microsoft’s chickenshit move un-endorsing gay rights. The Reverend is quite proud of all the attention he has received today from the national media.

Ross asked him if the church currently uses PC’s and if they were planning to switch to Macintosh or what if Microsoft did not cave-in to him. That seems an unlikely move because Apple is hardly a conservative company either. How ironic it would be for all the fundamentalists to become Mac-users. (just for the record, we are Mac fanatics ourselves and wouldn’t mind seeing that)

In the meantime, the Reverend continues to feel his oats. Now he is trying to get 2 Microsoft gay employees fired for lobbying for the bill.

One interesting thing the Reverend had to say about hardball politics: He says that he is quite comfortable in having the majority take away people’s rights. He says that abortion is legal because the majority voted that way, and furthermore when or if abortion is made illegal than the majority would win again.

The difference, quite obviously, is that by abortion being legal, that does not mean that everybody has to have an abortion. To the contrary. It is simply a right that is left to the individual. If abortion is illegal, than nobody will be allowed that choice.

The Fundamentalist Right keeps on keeping on.

A couple more excellent articles on Hutcherson in blatherWatch

What Would Happen if the Fundamentalists Ruled this Country?

Nero Fiddled says it better than I ever could:

The Dworkin Whitewash

Hit and Run

I’m tired of all the adulatory writing on Andrea Dworkin just because she’s now dead: this is more like it.

Let’s see…Today there is a Mariners game on the radio, or I could listen to Dori Monson talking about the new Pope. Slam dunk. Too bad, Dori.

Just when you think the Conservatives have gone too far…

Some people might have thought I was guilty of hyperbole a few days ago when I said that McCarthyism was alive and well, but sometimes the truth surprises even me. Now, in fact, I think maybe the rightwingnuts have gone too far even for them. I am speaking of David Horowitz’s new site
Discover the Network
which has a little grid that connects well-known liberals such as Bill Moyers, Bruce Springsteen, Katie Couric(?), and film-critic Roger Ebert to well-known Arab terrorists. Read the story in Salon.Com: News | Roger Ebert and Mohammed Atta, partners in crime

This is really outrageous. Where does one start? Well, for one thing, terrorists have nothing at all to do with liberalism, leftwingism, or anything like that. Terrorists are not pro-choice, they don’t want a secular society, they certainly don’t believe in peace, gay rights, women’s rights, abortion rights, and they apparently could care less about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and protecting the environment.

Why don’t we tell the truth here? These people want a society based on their religious fundamentalism. Does this sound familiar? If anything, they resemble famous Americans like Jerry Falwell, Tom DeLay, Pat Robertson and David Horowitz. They want to tell us how to run our lives according to their insane beliefs and they want to use scorched-earth tactics to get their way. In fact, if the Muslim extremists and the Christian fundamentalists ever got together, then we would really be in trouble!

David Horowitz, for those of you unfamiliar with him, has an interesting career. He used to be a Black Panther and famous left-winger. He was too crazy for them, however, and when he was rejected by his liberal friends, he went to the totally other-extreme, where he makes a career of bashing his former allies. Our friend Dori Monson often has him as a guest, which is really outrageous. Dori acts like he is a normal guy who speaks the truth about liberalism. I can’t believe that Horowitz is given any credibility by Dori at all. By embracing this kind of rightwing foolishness and slander, Dori has totally lost any of his own credibility.

Apparently we are not the only ones who don’t like Mr. Horowitz. Check out this photo:

Mr. Horowitz after being pied recently

Speaking of nutcases, we note the passing of Andrea Dworkin, who coined the phrase “All Men Are Rapists.”

Republicans Celebrate 50 Years of McCarthyism by Dismantling the Constitution!

What It Is Today: Dismantling the Constitution

Congressman Tom Delay, R-Texas, today announced a full-scale war on the Judiciary to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of McCarthyism.

Senator Joseph McCarthy, one of the neo-Conservatives’ greatest heroes, ran amuck 50 years ago, ruining careers, frightening anybody who dared get in his way. If you disagreed with him you were a Communist sympathizer who would probably be hauled before a Congressional Committee to be asked to give up names of your fellow Communists.

“I can think of no better way to commemorate Senator McCarthy and honor his memory than to dismantle the power of the judiciary,” Mr. Delay said.
“Using the new powers given to us by the Patriot Act and the War on Terror, we can finally enact the changes that Senator McCarthy could only dream about.”

Environmentalists are not “Special Interests!”

Dear Dori Monson:

Once again yesterday you started railing against “Special Interests,” and you specifically singled out “Environmentalists” in King County.

Let’s get this straight. “Special Interests” are those who seek to profit from government regulations or lack of them. In other words, an oil company seeking to drill in Alaska is a special interest. A builder or property owner who wants to develop his property for profit is a special interest.

An environmentalist is merely seeking to protect land and wildlife from these actual special interests. There is no profit motive for an environmentalist. The environmentalists only interest is to protect our land and environment from those who would seek to profit at its expense.

Environmentalists are actually looking after your children, so that the world will still be a beautiful place for them. The only special interests they are seeking to protect are the land and animals and your own future descendants.

Thank you.

Meantime, what’s going on in the Red States? – Confederate heritage groups upset with Alabama governor – Apr 5, 2005

Sometimes it’s good to remember that some people are still fighting the Civil War. Remember States Rights? Conservatives used to support them.

Should Voting be Made More Difficult?

Problems in the Washington State Governor’s race have led to all kinds of suggested “reforms.”

Just to bring you up-to-date, the latest scandal involves another 93 absentee votes that were recently discovered never counted. They probably will never be counted, moreover, since the election has already been certified, unless possibly the judge hearing the case inexplicably decides that he wants them included.

Republicans, predictably, have started arguing for ways to make voting more difficult. They are suggesting that registrations start anew, that all voters be required to register once again. Another suggestion is that people be required to show picture identification when voting, a drivers license, passport, or even a voters registration card with a photo on it. Better yet, they would probably like that anti-terrorist national citizens identification card that has been proposed by many.

Republicans have always argued that voting should be made more difficult, in order to keep the riff-raff, uneducated, felons, and just plain stupid people from voting. They feel that voting is a privilege that only those with photo identification should be able to participate in.

Democrats disagree of course. This all started when certain former Confederate states had a poll tax for black voters. When that was ruled unconstitutional, they sometimes required a citizenship test, which was designed to weed out the illiterate and/or black voters, or those who don’t speak good English.

Democrats have always argued exactly the opposite. Everybody possible should be encouraged to vote, and attempts to intimidate or eliminate voters should be discouraged.

The trend towards mailing in your votes complicates the situation. In Washington State 70% of the votes cast are absentee now. The State of Oregon has already switched almost completely to mail-in votes. I happen to be one of those old-fashioned traditionalists who prefer to vote in person, but I am fighting a losing battle. It is just much easier to vote absentee, more pleasant, and you can be more informed when you vote. I can’t count how many times I have found a race that I had never even heard of on the ballot. If I vote absentee I have a chance to research the candidates. If I am in the poll booth already, I have to take my chances.

Currently the only safeguard is the voter’s signature. You have to sign when you vote, either in person or by absentee. This effectively eliminates attempts to vote more than once, which I think is the main concern.

As for felons being able to vote, frankly I think the easiest solution is just to allow people who have served their time to vote. I mean why not? They have served their time. The overwhelming majority of felons are not murderers or crooks, they are victims of drug laws. If you want to say that sex felons, murderers, or rapists, for example, should never be able to vote, then do that. But don’t just say that any former felon should never be able to have voting rights.

Besides, it doesn’t work. There is no system in place to keep felons from voting. When attempts are made, such as in Florida, it usually turns out to be an exclusionary system aimed at purging minority voters from the polls. Better to just let everybody vote. Hell, let them even vote in prison. It’s counter-productive to pretend they don’t exist. Better to include them.