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Travel Writer Rick Steves in High Times

Rick StevesFamed travel writer Rick Steves is featured in the August edition of High Times Magazine. He is now on the board of NORML and gave the keynote speech at this year’s conference.

In case you aren’t familiar with Steve, he appears quite regularly on PBS and has an extensive line of DVD’s and books about traveling in Europe. I have used his books with excellent results. My only complaint is that so many people are reading and using his guidebooks that you constantly are running into his readers when you travel. For example, when I was in Salema, Portugal last year, a small-town on the southern Algave Coast that he quite rightly recommends, I found other people from Seattle staying in the same guesthouse as I was. I have often seen people in Museums in Madrid and Rome using his books to guide themselves through art museums, which is also what I am doing. It can get a little nerve-wracking because he is so popular, and his hidden gems don’t remain hidden too long.

According to the High Times article Rick is offering free copies of his books to High Times readers who join NORML. I was unable to find that offer at the NORML site, but it’s probably not up yet. The August issue of High Times should just now be hitting the newsstands. We shipped them last week.
Amsterdam GuidebookAmsterdam Guidebook
We wish to salute Rick for his courage and integrity. Not too many public figures would come out so strongly for legalizing marijuana. Please buy the August issue of High Times to read the article and then consider joining NORML.

William F. Buckley Jr. on Medical Marijuana

William F. Buckley Jr. on Medical Marijuana and the Supreme Court on National Review Online

The Hypocrisy of the Supreme Court

RIP, States Rights
The Supreme Court has ruled that it is okay for the Feds to arrest somebody who is legally using marijuana for medicinal purposes in California. The hypocrisy of the judges in this case is astounding.

But first, a salute to 3 justices who I have never agreed with before, William Renquist, Sandra Day O’Connor and Clarence Thomas(!!!) who were consistent in their beliefs that this matter is best left to the states. It was really incredible that Thomas in particular stood up for states rights, because he almost always votes with Justice Scalia. In fact, I cannot think of a single other case where he voted differently from his hero.

Thomas obviously recognized what a fucking hypocrite Anthony Scalia was being; here was a man who has spoken so often of the limits of the federal government and the rights of the states giving this convoluted argument that somehow growing a plant in your backyard has something to do with interstate commerce. Did I mention what a hypocrite he is?

But I also want to reserve some scorn for the so-called liberals on the court, particularly Justices Stevens and Ginsberg, themselves cancer survivors who must have known how terrible it is to suffer in pain. Stevens suggested that Congress should loosen up the laws. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

Now people are saying, don’t worry the Feds aren’t going to bust people for simple possession. Yeah, don’t tell that to our friend and author
Ed Rosenthal who was busted for growing marijuana for cancer patients despite having a license from the City of Oakland.

Yeah, we have a lot of faith in the Feds showing discretion. Just ask how much discretion they showed Tommy Chong who served 9 months in jail last year for allowing his face to appear on a bong.

Gubernatorial coup over?

My friend Dori Monson seemed quite shocked that his prediction was wrong and that the Republicans attempt to overthrow last year’s gubernatorial election was completely discredited. Then when Governor Gregoire was interviewed by a newsman on KIRO during his show, but wouldn’t stay around to talk to him, he seemed really hurt. Up till now it’s been a point of pride for him that politicians are refusing to come on his show to be insulted. I mean, what the hell does he expect?

Does anybody else find it offensive that Mr. Dori keeps referring to the governor as “Queen Gregoire?”

Dori did manage to land one guest, however, Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics. They can both lick their wounds together.

My prediction is that Dino Rossi will finally succomb to common sense and not appeal the ruling to the State Supreme Court. I am writing this 3 hours before Rossi’s press conference.

Now maybe Stefan and these other “experts” can fade back to obscurity.