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GOP chair apologizes to NAACP for old tactics

The chairman of the Republican Party has apologized to blacks for using the “Southern Strategy” over the last 50 years to win power in the south: GOP chair apologizes to NAACP

While this is certainly welcome news, shocking actually, that the GOP would admit to doing this, it is sort of an empty gesture if the Republicans make no attempt to undo all the damage that their tactics have done to our society and to many individuals.

Jesse Helms, for example, has recently apologized for blocking funding that would have helped prevent millions of people from dying of AIDS. Well, great, Jesse, so what are you going to do about it now? Helms, along with Strom Thurmond are 2 senators that the GOP should apologize for ever allowing in their party. Thurmond, who ran for President as a segregationist and turned Republican to protest the Civil Rights Bill, was as low as you could get, especially since it turned out that he actually had a secret black daughter who he never publicly acknowledged.

How far do we want to go here? The Republicans fought tooth-and-nail against the advent of Social Security, and now years later they are trying to gut the program. Some of them have recently apologized for never supporting anti-lynching legislation, which led to hundreds, perhaps thousands of deaths over the years, but most of them still haven’t apologized.

Who is going to apologize to Bill Clinton for putting him through an impeachment trial for having sex with another consenting adult? How about apologizing to Hillary for all that Whitewater nonsense, which led nowhere? How about to Susan McDougal, who actually went to jail because she wouldn’t lie to Ken Starr about Clinton?

Hell, will George W. Bush ever apologize for lying to the American people about the reasons for going to war in Iraq? Is he going to apologize to the thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died as a result, not to mention our own troops? Is he going to apologize for putting this country into debt for the next century while he gives tax breaks to his rich friends? Is he going to apologize to the entire world for not backing the Kyoto Treaty?

We know Karl Rove is never going to apologize for anything he did to Senator McCain, Senator Kerry, Valerie Plame, etc. etc. That’s just politics to him, a man without a conscience.

Empty apologies, Republicans! That’s all they are. And besides, the only reason you are apologizing now is because you are trying to pick up some Black and Hispanic votes. What nonsense! What hypocrisy!

Jeb Bush: Hurricane Dennis Could Be Fault of Michael Schiavo

The Swift Report: Jeb Bush: Hurricane Dennis Could Be Fault of Michael Schiavo

The governor of Florida never gives up on getting to the bottom of the Schiavo story! Thank you, Deanna Swift, for reporting this important story.