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Does Dori Monson Have No Shame?!!

I keep promising myself not to listen to Dori Monson anymore, because when I do I just get upset. He’s just getting worse and worse.

Honestly, I was only listening to the show for news about the Seahawks and the Super Bowl. After all, he is in Detroit for the purpose of covering the game.

Surprisingly he had as his guest Dwight Pelz, the newly elected Washington State Democratic Chairman. Dori already had ideas on what he was going to talk about, however, and it came out of left field.

Quoting some study, which I have been unable to locate, he claimed that King County had the worst showing in the nation among 50 counties in the category of increase in real income. I can only guess at the relevance of this in his mind, but apparently it is because we have a Democratic County Council headed by a man Dori loves to hate, King County Executive Ron Sims.

I have lived in King County for 30 years and let me assure you that we are not hurting economically. If anything this study is referring to the fact that it is getting more and more expensive to live here. The reason is because of the hot housing market, driven by people who want to live here so badly that they are paying outrageous prices for housing. If anything we are a victim of our own success in creating a place that people want to move to.

Anyway, Dwight Pelz had no more of an idea what Dori was rattling on about than I did, and pointed out that he was no longer involved in King County Government and he was here as the newly-elected State Democratic Party Chair. Makes sense to me.

Okay, said Dori, moving on. “Dwight, are you a Communist?”

When was the last time you heard anybody asked a question like that? During the McCarthy era would be my guess.

This question was asked because Dwight Pelz went to Cuba 4 years ago and proposed a sister program with a county in Cuba. Therefore, Dori felt free to suggest that Dwight Pelz was a Communist, loved Fidel Castro, etc. I’ve heard this logic before from extremists in Miami but not usually in tolerant Seattle.

I have been to Cuba many times, and it certainly doesn’t mean I approve of their government. Nevertheless, I recognize the value of maintaining healthy relationships with the people of Cuba. Hell, Dori’s been there, the hypocrite. He knows that many tourists travel to Cuba for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, I had had enough and turned to another station. Dwight Pelz has more patience than I.

Whatever political credibility Dori ever had is pretty much gone anyway, and won’t return if he keeps trying to appeal only to his small base of intolerant, narrow minds like his own. Ron Sims decided long ago not to play any Dori games and he was easily re-elected in spite of the constant slander on the hate radio stations.

In summary, no, Dori Monson has no shame.

Tim Eyman’s Ill-Founded Initiative

Today it is against Washington State Law to discriminate against homosexuals. I don’t know about you, but that feels kind of good to me and I’m not even gay.

But not everybody is happy about it, and Tim Eyman has filed an initiative to repeal the newly-enacted law. He seems to believe that voters want to be able to discriminate against homosexuals.

This is kind of a switch for Mr. Eyman, who is known for his anti-tax initiatives. Does he know something we don’t know about the voters in Washington State? Does he really believe that we would repeal this law?

Somehow I doubt it. I think he is doing it because he makes a living by filing initiatives and he thinks that his followers are bigots in addition to being against paying taxes. This is probably a calculation he has made to make more money. Whether it is morally right or not has never concerned him before.

I think he is wrong. I would be surprised if this initiative even gets enough signatures to qualify. Would you sign it?

Ken Hutcherson on Dori Monson Show: “I am not anti-Semitic”

The Right-Rev. Ken Hutcherson , he who threatened to boycott Microsoft if they supported gay rights, appeared on the Dori Monson show Wednesday. Dori had been pleading for him to come on to answer the charges that Senator Ed Murray of Seattle had made about him.

Among the charges was that the rev is anti-semitic. Nonsense he said. One of my best friends is Rabbi Daniel Lapin!

Now, that’s funny.

What’s Wrong with Chocolate Anyway?

New Orleans Mayor Nagin has taken a lot of crap for his remark on MLK Day that New Orleans would in the end be a “Chocolate” city. People have been all over him to apologize and he has. But I wonder what all the fuss is about really.

What the Mayor was responding to was all the suggestions that the Republicans hope to capitalize on the fact that blacks weren’t exactly moving back to New Orleans in record numbers, salivating over the prospect that New Orleans, a reliably Democratic City in a Sea of Red in the deep south, could find itself white and by extension Republican if the blacks don’t move back.

He was exhorting the people of New Orleans, telling them they could move back and restore the city to the way it was before Katrina.

This has nothing to do with racism. Sure, plenty of white people live in New Orleans, too, and most of them were quite excepting and appreciative of New Orleans and its culture, which depends so much upon its black citizens.

I don’t think it was the white people of New Orleans who objected to Mayor Nagin’s passionate speech as much as the white people outside of New Orleans who have been secretly hoping that the black people don’t come back to vote.

So let’s get real here.

David Goldstein for Seattle City Council!

For my readers in Seattle, there is a city council seat open, created by the resignation of Jim Compton. About 100 candidates have applied for the position, which will be filled by a vote of the remaining City Council members.

I have just heard that David Goldstein, otherwise known as Goldy, who writes the blog (connect to it with my link on the right), has applied for it. Since I have not applied for the position myself, I am happy to support him.

Actually, Goldy would be a great choice. First, he would fill the Jewish seat, currently unoccupied. Further, he would be a great voice of fresh air. And lastly but certainly not least, he would drive the conservative blogs and the Republicans nuts!

So write to your city countil members, especially President Jan Drago, and let her know you support David Goldstein for City Council.

Do it now, immediately.

Wanted: One Candidate for Congress

Doc Hastings is a Republican Congressman from Washington State’s 4th Congressional District. He is one of only 3 Republicans representing the state of Washington, the only one not in his first term, and he is ready to be defeated. His old friend Tom Delay appointed him to be the Chair of the House Ethics Committee, because he knew that old Doc would never do anything to hurt his friends in the Congress, and he has been right. The committee has yet to even meet since Doc was appointed. Since that time, you might have heard that there were have been several scandals in Congress, such as Tom Delay being indicted, Cunningham resigning, and now the Abramoff mess. But Doc has yet to feel the need to investigate any of this.

Washington State is a very blue state that has become even more so in the last year, so that even a so-called safe seat is ripe for the plucking. Given Doc Hastings’ non-action while corruption sweeps the Congress, it would seem a perfect time for him to be sent packing.

Unfortunately nobody has announced plans to run against him. Granted it’s early yet, but these kind of races need planning and funding. So I am putting out this call right now. If you live in the 4th District and you’re a qualified Dem, then we may just have a position for you.