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Scalia’s gesture: What do you think?

Thank you, Eschaton, for the photo. Is this the kind of behavior a Supreme Court Justice should engage in, especially when leaving church?

Dori Monson continues his mischief

Dori has been particularly repugnant this week. Yesterday he took on Podcasting Liberally and David Goldstein.

Today he opened his show with some of the 911 tapes from the Capital Hill Murders. He commented on the professionalism of the 911 operators.

Hmmm, are these the same 911 operators he made fun of for their smoking shed a couple of weeks ago?

The Real Immigrant Problem

Frankly I am not so concerned with immigrants from Mexico and Central America who want to come to Seattle to prune our trees and fix the roofs on our houses.

What I am concerned with is immigrants from Montana who cross our Eastern Washington borders bringing their shotguns and pistols to kill our innocent children. Washington State needs to be an assault rifle free-zone.

The Stranger

Baseball: Something Positive from the USA

Watching the semifinals and finals of the World Baseball Classic was every bit as much fun as watching the World Series for me.

Baseball was spread throughout the world by American servicemen and for that I am very proud. The Japanese and Cubans learned the game while they were occupied by US forces. Who knows, maybe Iraqis will also learn to play baseball from us. If so, it would be one of the few positive results from a disastrous war.

Frankly, I was very happy that the United States was not involved in the semifinals. It was so much more fun watching the Dominicans, with some of the major league’s premier players, playing against Cuba, whose players are paid about $20 a month. I have seen baseball in Cuba and it is really better than watching a major league game. The players actually come up to the fans, especially any gringos in attendance, to sell you souvenirs to supplement their meager incomes. I came away with an actual Santiago de Cuba jersey for $10, plus autographed balls and some other remembrances. After the game the crowd walking away from the field often includes the players, since they don’t have shower facilities in the locker rooms. The players, who all live locally in the community, are walking home with the fans. They don’t drive fancy cars parked behind a guarded fence.

The game between Japan and South Korea was equally fun, until the 7th inning when Japan broke out with 7 runs to put it away. What a story South Korea was! Not a single major leaguer on their team, yet they were the winningest team in the whole tournament at 6-0 until they lost to Japan in the semis.

The championship game was a blast, too. Japan and Cuba are completely different kind of teams. I was rooting for Cuba, but Japan deserved the win, thanks to the great play of Seattle Mariner Ichiro Suzuki, who really should have been the MVP.

Anyway, it is nice to see such a positive legacy from the United States. I am proud of my country and of baseball, and I am already looking forward to the next Classic.

Why doesn’t everybody use a Mac?

Word has come down from Microsoft that their long-awaited updated operating system has been delayed once again to next year. Microsoft hasn’t put out a new operating system since XP in 2001.

Windows Vista is supposed to be the Windows equivalent of Mac’s OSX, except that OSX has been out now for about 5 years. In fact, we have had 4 major upgrades and are now on OS 10.4. Mac users actually complain that upgrades and the resulting iimprovements are coming out too fast. It’s difficult to keep up!

There are usually 2 excuses people give for not using Macintoshes instead of Windows machines; there aren’t enough programs available and they are too expensive.

Frankly, I can do anything on my Macintosh that you can do on your Windows machine, and much more. We even run our business system on Macs. The only files that I am unable to open are .exe files, which is fine with me, because those are the files that spread viruses. And I hear that PC people get a lot of those!

As for the cost, now that Macs are running on Intel chips they are putting out the best computers in the world for the same price as the inferior PC’s.

Hey, I am not gloating. Just wondering why people keep using ancient virus-laden machines and why you people put up with Microsoft.

Omigod! There Really Isn’t an Exit Plan!

Bush has now actually informed us that he has no exit plan for Iraq. He’s going to keep it going for 3 more years and hand it over to the next President to figure it all out.

I really didn’t need to hear that.

Bush actually faces the press

In a startling press conference this morning, President Bush actually took questions from the press and attempted to answer them, even from Helen Thomas.

He also announced that the war in Iraq would not end during his administration, leaving it to a future president to try to get out of his mess. This must come as a real shock to Republican congressmen who actually have to run for re-election this year.

Of course Bush’s real reason for putting off the war’s end is the same rationale for most of his policy, namely that the rapture is coming and it won’t really matter as he and his friends are swept off to Heaven leaving us poor pagans and Jews to cope with the situation.

This is the same reason we don’t need to do anything about global warming, allowing us to drill with impunity in Alaska for oil, since all we really need is 3 more years of oil anyway.

He certainly doesn’t care about the deficit, since he won’t have to deal with that either.

Hmmm. Could he know something?


Letters to the Editor Time Magazine March 20, 2006

“If I, as a police officer, shot someone accidentally and did not talk to investigators for 14 or more hours, I guarantee that the police department would take away my badge.”

“It’s puzzling to think that anyone could enjoy blasting away at quail. The quail’s bobwhite whistle is one of the most beautiful sounds. Quail are farmers’ friends, eating insects that are harmful to crops. These birds harm no one and take good care of their families.”

“What a bunch of brave hunters was at Armstrong Ranch! They rode around in old jeeps and got out to shoot helpless birds. Real sports, aren’t they?”

Old news, only a couple of weeks after it happened, but sometimes the American people, and letter writers in particular, can be very wise.

We should Wait But We Won’t Forget

While Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin isn’t getting much support on his censure motion from fellow democrats, the GOP is using the threat of censure and impeachment to rally their own troops.

Frankly we may never get President Bush censured or impeached, but we definitely should not forget the others in his administration. The first thing to do is to gain control of the government again. Then the truth will start coming out.

The list is long of people who should be punished for lying to the American people and getting into war on false premises. I would name Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld to begin with, but the list will be much longer. Eventually history will judge these men and so will the American people. I would be interested in hearing more nominations from you on who should be punished.

Blatherwatch’s Readers Dump on Dori

Bowing to popular demand, our friend Michael Hood at blatherWatch encouraged his readers to talk about Dori Monson, and boy did they. He also kindly linked to My Dori Monson Rant of last October.

A surprising amount of people fixated on Dori’s criticisms of Celine Dion, more specifically her accent and mispronunciation of the word “kayak”. When Dori makes fun of people he is particularly cruel. I would also mention what he did with Howard Dean and the famous “aaargh” statement, which Dori plays over and over. Even more cruel is the tape he plays of former Washington State Democratic Party Chair Paul Berendt who broke up on the air once when describing why he became involved in politics (to help people). When Dori does this he is no better than a schoolyard bully.

While we are speaking of the demise of KIRO Radio in Seattle, I should mention that our Allan Prell columns continue to get hits and comments, especially from former listeners of his in Baltimore. One reader in a posting today said that he constantly googles Allan Prell to find out if he is working somewhere else, so he can listen to the webcast. Well, dear listener, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but….I met Allan at a meeting of Drinking Liberally last month, and sad to say he doesn’t expect to find a job in radio anymore. He wants to stay in the Seattle area, and none of the stations here are interested in picking him up. He is, however, writing a book, so stay tuned for that.