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Circumcision Shown to Help Prevent AIDS

The New York Times today reported that circumcision is increasingly popular in Africa, especiallly since recent studies show that it reduces the incidence of AIDS by 60% to 75%.

This will be quite a blow to those who have been arguing against circumcision calling it cruel and anachronistic, notably the Circumcision Resource Center

I say God Bless my Hebrew ancestors for having the foresight (get it?) to include circumcision in our traditions!

Mexican Bill Would Legalize Some Drugs

Mexico’s Senate passed a bill yesterday 53-26 that would decriminalize the carrying of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and even heroin.

This will be shocking news to the DEA, of course, which believes that adults are not capable of making rational decisions about their own personal behavior. Coupled with the inevitable decriminalization of marijuana by our neighbor to the north, Canada, we can see why law-enforcement agencies may be getting paranoid and even a little claustrophic.

I am also beginning to understand why many baby boomers want to retire to Mexico!

Mexican Bill Would Legalize Some Drugs – Yahoo! News

‘What will be displayed at the Bush Presidential Library?’

The Smirking Chimp asks a good question, alright. Kind of funny to have a library for a president who doesn’t even read. But we can always hope that researchers will finally be able to track down the secrets of the Presidents life pre-Inaugural. What about the coke? What about his “service” in the National Guard? What about Harkin energy? How did a man with no money of his own get to own a baseball team anyway?
The Smirking Chimp – Bob Patterson: ‘What will be displayed at the Bush Presidential Library?’

Ed Rosenthal is Free!

A Federal Court has voided Ed Rosenthal’s conviction for growing pot under license from the City of Berkeley for cancer patients. Full story here: Court Voids ‘Guru of Ganja’s’ Pot Conviction – Los Angeles Times

This trial was a travesty all along. The jurors were not allowed to hear that Ed was actually growing the pot under an official city license. Several of the jurors broke down in tears after the trial when they discovered what the true story was. Even the judge seemed to be sympathetic when he sentenced Ed to one day in jail.

Even with the light sentence it was important for this case to be overthrown. Ed would still have had to live with being a convicted felon and all that went along with that. For example, he wouldn’t have been allowed to travel into Canada with a conviction on his record.

All of this comes on the heels of the FDA going against scientific evidence in determining that marijuana has absolutely no medical value. Even in today’s New York Times there was a letter to the editor in which the author made the bogus claim that marijuana is a gateway drug. He said all the addicts he has ever known started by smoking marijuana. He neglected to say that they also started drinking milk at an even earlier age.

Best Dori Monson Show Ever!

What a pleasure to listen to the Dori Monson Show yesterday. Dori is on vacation and Ron Reagan, Jr. was the guest host with a little help from Frank Shiers. He discussed the lies and incompetence of the Bush administration and even revealed some personal feelings about his father the former President. He acknowledged that RR, Sr. sometimes had problems with the details, but Jr. felt that his dad was an honorable man with an overview of what he wanted to accomplish. It was a pleasure to listen to him, instead of the tirades that Dori usually engages in. I hope to hear more from him and can only hope that Dori takes more vacation time.

Hal, the Coyote, RIP

Kind of a sad story in Salon about the coyote that they captured in New York City. As in many things, it appears that the authorities overreacted. Instead of chasing the little doggie around the city for a couple of days and then shooting him with a tranquilizer, they probably could have just let him get away on his own. In the end he died just as he was about to be released again, apparently from heartbreak or being totally freaked out.

The wily coyotes of New York

It does seem that once authorities get involved with treating animals as criminals not much good can happen. This was only a poor 20 pound animal, not Godzilla after all, although I felt the same way about the giant gorilla, too.

The New York Times actually ran an obituary for him Hal Coyote, 1, Dies; Romped in the Park but they stayed clear of discussing the circumstances.