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Heavy marijuana use not linked to lung cancer

Everytime I visit my doctor, he mentions that I should consider cutting down on smoking pot, because studies show that it causes lung cancer, just like smoking cigarettes.

Well, I guess he’s going to have to try another tactic, now that a scientific study has shown that marijuana use does not lead to cancer after all. Furthermore, even heavy use does not cause cancer.


Tom Delay embraces Stephen Colbert, who was actually making fun of him

Congressman Delay is evidently clueless when it comes to Stephen Colbert, too, even after the brouhaha at the White House Correspondents dinner. Delay sent out a fundraising letter for his legal defense linking people to his
which features Robert Greenwald’s interview on the Colbert Show.

Greenwald is the author of the book “The Big Buy: Tom Delay’s Stolen Congress.” If you watch the show it is pretty obvious that Colbert is making fun of Delay and the tactics of conservative interviewers. As Salon points out, that is what we call “satire.”

UPDATE: The Colbert endorsement has been removed from the Delay link, but check out the website anyway to read about what a lousy person Ronnie Earle is.

Jeb Bush for President! Not as Dumb as His Brother

Got anymore good slogans for Jeb’s campaign? Submit them here.

Updates to Previous Posts

Following up the Stephen Colbert posts of last week: Richard Cohen apparently was inundated with 4,000 emails disagreeing about his calling Stephen Colbert a bully for picking on Bush. He now says that liberals are being too nasty and are going to lose votes because of the angry bloggers. What nonsense. For him to be concerned about Bush’s feelings is misplaced and doesn’t require anymore comment. I am not telling you to send an email to Mr. Cohen, but hey, that’s your right if you want to.

After being heavily lobbied by the American Government, President Vincent Fox of Mexico changed his mind and did not sign the bill to legalize the possession of small amounts of drugs. The American administration persuaded him that American college students would invade Mexico just for the purpose of getting high. So what else is new? Anyway, the pressure was too much for Fox so for now drugs are still very much illegal in Mexico.

Last year I discussed how part of the reason gas prices have gotten higher is because our dollar isn’t worth as much. Shortly after I wrote this the dollar actually started rising, but now it has fallen once again. The Canadian dollar, which a few years ago was worth only 69 cents is now worth over 90 cents and rising rapidly.

Are you sure that your ancestors were “Legal Immigrants?”

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan I discovered this article in The Washington Post discussing how the immigration debate has really changed very little over the years. Americans have always felt resentment towards the new immigrants into this country whether they were Irish, Italian, Germans, Chinese or whatever.

So many times on talk radio we hear that these current-day immigrants are different, because they are ILLEGAL, while our ancestors came over legally.

I’ve kind of wondered about this, because of what I have heard from my own family. I have recently discovered, for example, that my English grandfather, who came over here around 1920, actually used his cousin’s papers to enter the country. There also have long been rumors in my family that my Jewish great-grandfather, who came over during the Russian Revolution, had stolen his personal documents from a dead body and that, therefore, I am not really a Tatelman.

The Washington Post article points out that almost everybody who showed up at our borders used to be allowed in. They were questioned just to make sure they weren’t carrying a communicable disease, or that they weren’t anarchists for example, but 98% of them went right through. Furthermore, the Mexican border was completely un-patrolled and open.

Don’t get any ideas about kicking me out, by-the-way. My grandfathers are both long dead and I was born here!

Colbert was a bully?!!

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post calls Stephen Colbert a “bully” for picking on President Bush at the White House Press Association banquet.
So Not Funny

Give me a break, Richard. I think being a bully is exposing a CIA agent to get back at her husband, or perhaps locking up hundreds of innocent people for years without charging them. Or perhaps lying about your opponent’s military service for your own election gains. Or perhaps pounding on windows in Miami to keep authorities from counting the votes. Or threatening to invade another country if they don’t do what you want them to to.

I could think of many more things that would qualify Bush for being a bully more than meek ole Stephen Colbert.

And by the way, Yes, I did think Colbert was very, very funny…..but apparently this guy didn’t think so!

Stephen Colbert gives the shaft to Bush

If you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s performance at the White House Correspondents Association dinner, check it out here: Video Dog –

Be sure to follow the link to the videotaped skit he showed starring Helen Thomas, too.

Stephen Colbert laid this administration bare and he also humiliated the White House Press Corps by demonstrating what a bunch of chickenshits they are. Colbert bravely stood up within a few feet of the President of the United States and showed him up. The President was visibly angry and Laura even made a point of not shaking his hand afterwards.

Maybe just maybe this administration can be brought down by satire. It’s hard to take a president, vice-president and an entire administration seriously when you are too busy laughing at them.

Amazingly, there has been very little coverage of this incident in the mainstream press. Instead they have focused solely on the performance of Bush and his twin, which was funny enough, but nothing like Colbert’s performance.