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Unlike Bush, Clinton comes to Seattle via the Front Door

Last month President Bush snuck into Seattle never leaving his SUV, dashed into a mansion on the eastside where he collected $2500 each from several hundred Republicans to support the re-election effort of Congressman Dave Reichart, and left just as quickly out the backdoor.

Next week Bill Clinton, who was the last president elected by a majority vote in this country (not counting Al Gore who was cheated out of it by Sandra Day O’Conner), will come in the front door and will appear at a couple of fundraisers for a much more affordable price. In fact, you can see him for as little as $50.

First Clinton will appear at a dinner at the Convention Center to help raise money for Senator Maria Cantwell for $250 each, not bad when you consider it pays for the meal, too. That function starts at 6pm on July 31st.

After that Clinton dashes to Benaroya Hall for a fundraiser for Congressman Jim McDermott, to help the Congressman pay some legal bills. If you recall, McDermott received a tape of a telephone conversation between then House Speaker Newt Gingrich and the current Republican Majority Leader John Boehner, in which they discussed ways of thwarting the will of the people. Congressman McDermott thought that people should be aware of what the Republicans were up to, so he released the transcript to the New York Times. Boehner promptly filed a lawsuit against McDermott for invading his privacy. McDermott’s legal fees are approaching $1 million, so he can sure use Clinton’s help.

The talk by Clinton will also feature liberal talk-radio host and author Thom Hartmann and starts at 7pm at Benaroya Hall. Tickets are $50 and $100 and can be purchased from McDermott’s office.

I will be attending both events and will report and hopefully share some photos with you.

William F. Buckley: Bush should retire or resign

“If you had a European prime minister who experienced what we’ve experienced it would be expected that he would retire or resign,”

Asked if the Bush administration has been distracted by Iraq, Buckley says “I think it has been engulfed by Iraq, by which I mean no other subject interests anybody other than Iraq… The continued tumult in Iraq has overwhelmed what perspectives one might otherwise have entertained with respect to, well, other parts of the Middle East with respect to Iran in particular.”

Asked what President Bush’s foreign policy legacy will be to his successor, Buckley says “There will be no legacy for Mr. Bush. I don’t believe his successor would re-enunciate the words he used in his second inaugural address because they were too ambitious. So therefore I think his legacy is indecipherable.

Oh, did I mention that William F. Buckley believes that marijuana should be decriminalized? It didn’t come up in this interview, but just thought I would remind you.