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End Global Warning by Dropping Nukes?

Jules Crittenden, a conservative blogger, comments on the news that two well-placed nuclear bombs would provide enough black soot to reverse global warming.

I trust he is writing with tongue-in-cheek, but one can never be sure with these guys.

A Proposal to Get a New President

The current political situation is absurd. Polls show that 62% of Americans believe we never should have gone into Iraq. At it’s peak, 60% of Americans felt the same way about Vietnam. It’s official now. The Iraq War is more unpopular than Vietnam ever was.

So now we are waiting for George Bush to decide what to do to end the war? Does anyone believe that he is the man to get us out of this mess? I mean, really? I assume we don’t have to go into the whole litany of what a mistake Iraq was, perhaps the worst mistake in our country’s history, or what an idiot he is and how absurd it is to let him decide how to get us out of it.

In most other nations Bush would be gone. If not a coup he would have the decency to resign in recognition as to what a failure he has been. Disaster would be a better word.

If Clinton ever deserved to be impeached, than Bush deserves worse! And besides, we shouldn’t have to impeach him. Even his own party knows he has to go.

But we would be quite satisfied if he could just resign. The problem is that he is protected, first by the fact that Cheney is the vice-president and second, the constitution guarantees him a full-term, unless he resigns or is impeached.

Cheney has to resign first. Then we need to appoint a vice-president who could serve as an interim president for the next 2 years, someone the Senate or Congress should pick. Somebody who is able, trustworthy, and can satisfy everybody in both parties, and is not going to run for a full-term afterwards. A trusted elder statesman perhaps, or even an ex-president. It couldn’t be Clinton because he has served 2 terms already. Bush I is out of the question for obvious reasons. That leaves Carter, since Ford is disabled. Carter would be fine with me, but he has become more controversial after his recent book, so maybe he wouldn’t be able to get a majority in the Senate.

In that case perhaps a Senator who would agree not to run for another term. McCain comes to mind, but he wouldn’t do because he doesn’t want to end the Iraq War. It probably shouldn’t be a Republican anyway. Hmmm, maybe Hillary would agree to serve for only 2 years. That would make many Democrats very happy for a variety of reasons. Lee Hamilton? Biden? Mondale? Dukakis? I don’t know.

Maybe somebody completely different. Oprah? Jon Stewart?


What do you think?

Neo-Conservative Blogs & Pundits – Please Shut the Fuck Up!

I have a suggestion for all the Limbaughs, Hannities, Bennetts and neo-conservative blowhards and bloggers. Please stop what you are doing for awhile and think. Think about what a mess your suggestions have made of this world. Think of what a failure your damn war in Iraq has turned out to be. Think about what you have done to this country. Think about the $30,000 per person debt you have incurred in a disastrous war. Think about the 2500 Americans who have died in your disastrous military incursion, and the 20,000 wounded who will live the rest of their lives without limbs or with permanent injuries.

Please just stop what you are doing and shut the fuck up! You have been repudiated. Your ideas were a disaster. Please give us a little peace and quiet for awhile while you consider the damage you have already done.

Thank you.

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post’s “Fair & Balanced” opinion of the Iraq Study Group

Bush as the unqualified President

When I was in the 6th grade, many, many years ago, I had a teacher called Mr. Bird. It was Mr. Bird’s first year as a teacher, and I have always wondered if it was his last. The poor man didn’t have a chance with our class, as we walked all over him. He was a wimpy guy, always nice to me, but he had a problem with discipline. He also had a severe case of halitosis and there were spots of green in his mouth. I hope he got it taken care of.

I haven’t thought much about Mr. Bird in many years, but watching George Bush lately I have been reminded of him. I remember when the class got out of hand one day, Mr. Bird had to ask another male teacher to come in and do a little paddling to restore some sense of order in the classroom. It was kind of sad seeing Mr. Bird standing on the sidelines while the other teacher paddled some of our most ill-behaved classmates.

It kind of reminds me of the look on George Bush’s face when he announced the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld and the appointment of Bob Gates to be his replacement. That look showed clearly that Bush is in over his head. He has no idea what he is doing, and now his father and his father’s supporters are trying to help the poor guy out.

It’s really too bad that Cheney is the Vice-president, because Bush is really way out of his element and should resign before he causes anymore damage. Unfortunately that is not a likely resolution to his presidency. Instead we can look forward to 2 years of drifting and just hope that he isn’t able to destroy our democracy completely in that remaining time.