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Bob Barr Flip-Flops on Pot announces that Bob Barr, former Republican Congressman who led the drive to impeach Bill Clinton, has had a change of heart when it comes to the government’s War on Drugs. He is now lobbying to allow states to legalize medical marijuana if they wish. He believes the government has gone too far in trying to interfere in individual rights, especially when it comes to the legal rights of patients who wish to use medical marijuana.

Good for him. Welcome aboard, Bob. Maybe we should invite him to Seattle’s Hempfest this summer.

Guess when Gonzales will resign, win ice cream

Guess when Gonzales will resign and win a year’s supply of ice cream from Ben & Jerry. Sounds good to me.

Take Action:

Or if you’d rather win money: When Will Alberto Resign?

Add the Conservative publication, the National Review, to those calling for Gonzales to resign: Time to Go

The Gonzales Vigil

Come on, Al. Resign already. You’re making me look bad.

Gonzales’ Resignation Seems Imminent

Only hours ago I posted the previous blog about Stefan Sharkansky and his actions that helped speed-up the inevitable resignation of Alberto Gonzales. This wasn’t exactly breaking news. Yesterday on ABC’s This Week when George Stephanopolis asked his panel if anybody expected Gonzales to still be AG in a month, not a hand was raised, including those of George Will.

Tonight none other than
USNews & World Report is out with the story that the White House is already lookng for replacements. Among the fascinating tidbits:

“The fear that virtually any piece of communication will have to be turned over has paralyzed department officials’ ability to communicate effectively and respond in unison to the crisis, as has the fact that senior Justice officials themselves say they still don’t know the entire story about what happened that led to the crisis. So they are afraid that anything they put down on paper could be viewed as lies or obfuscation, when in fact, the story is changing daily as new documents are found and as the Office of Legal Counsel conducts its own internal probe into the matter.”

Hee hee. Hoisted on their own petards. Take away the administration’s ability to lie and obfuscate they are left helpless to do anything else. That’s all they know after 6 years of being able to do anything they wanted no matter how heinous or misdirected it was. Happy Anniversary, Glorious War on the Nasty Arabs! Wasn’t that a great victory to celebrate four years ago?!!!

Anyway, they are talking about putting in Chertoff, the Homeland Security Chief, as the new Attorney General. Hell, I didn’t even know that he has a law degree? Or does he? I think Bush needs to do better than that. How about Janet Reno? :)

Stefan Sharkansky Sinks Alberto Gonzales

Quelle irony. Have you ever heard of the law of unintended consequences? Could it be that Stefan Sharkansky of the blog Sound Politics, by fanatically pursuing the idea that the Washington State Governor’s race was stolen by the Democrats (much like Bush was accused of doing in his 2 elections), has ended up sinking Alberto Gonzales’ career?

It is now clear that Sharkansky’s obsession led to a call to the office of Congressman Doc Hastings, who had one of his lackeys phone the U.S. Attorney John McKay to ask when he was going to start investigating the election. This eventually led to the firing of McKay and now will lead directly to the resignation of Alberto Gonzales.

Thank you, Stefan!

YouTube – Fox Attacks: Black America

Dick Cheney should have listened to his younger self

There has been so much written about the Iraq War that it is difficult to keep the conversation fresh. Those of us against the war in Iraq seem to be talking to the already-convinced and vice versa. There is very little cross-talk going on and not much new to add to the argument.

What is amazing to me is that our leaders were so ignorant of the political situation in Iraq and the Middle East in general. We know that the professionals in the CIA and the State Department were ignored when their opinions were inconvenient for the administration wanting to invade Iraq under any pretense. It boggles the mind that they seemed totally unaware of the rift between the Shiites and the Sunnis. Did they comprehend that the end result of their invasion would be simply to replace a Sunni tyrannical government with a Shiite tyrannical government?

So it came as a shock and a surprise when I happened to read the Puget Sound Business Journal for March 2, 2007 and saw a column by Glenn R. Pascall, a man who is by no means a liberal. Mr. Pascall bemoans the fact that the administration has a “shoot the moon” attitude in policies, totally unaware of the risks that might imperil success.”

The most shocking part of his column however is when he quotes Dick Cheney himself, when he was the Defense Secretary under the first George Bush. He was asked by ABC-TV why the U.S. did not follow-up Operation Desert Storm with a march to Baghdad. Cheney’s thoughtful reply was:

“I think for us to get involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally be a quagmire. Once we got to Baghdad what would we do? Who would we put in power? What kind of government – Sunni, Shiite, Kurdish? Would it be secular along the lines of the Baath party? Would it be fundamentalist Islamic? I do not think the United States wants to have U.S. military forces accept casualties and accept responsibility for trying to govern Iraq. It makes no sense at all.”

So Cheney was totally aware of the situation in Iraq regarding the Shiites and Sunnis. What the hell changed in the thirteeen years between this statement and the run-up to war, for which Cheney seems to be primarily responsible? What made this man ignore his thoughtful appraisal of the situation in his younger days?

I have no answers for that.