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Wolfowitz Apologizes for ‘Mistake’

Wolfowitz Apologizes for ‘Mistake’ –
“I take full responsibility for the details of the agreement and did not attempt to hide my actions or to make anyone else responsible.” He said that he had found himself in a “painful personal dilemma . . . trying to navigate in uncharted waters.”

Yes, over four years after almost single-handedly pushing the government of the United States to invade Iraq, Wolfowitz has finally acknowledged his mistake.

Ooops. Sorry, he was apologizing for something else. Oh well.

Conservative Bloggers Do Business as Usual

Now that the Bush Presidency and the Republican Party have been totally discredited by the past 6 years of their one-party rule, you would think their supporters would be reevaluating their failures. Not a chance. Reading the Conservative bloggers one would think that somehow the problems they got us into are the Democrats fault. Witness a blog called Macsmind – Conservative Commentary and Common Sense.

“No President of one party ever tried harder to get along with the other than Bush – no one. Didn’t happen because Democrats from the beginning wanted no part of it.”

Can you believe the baldfaced lies in a statement like that. Where do I start in refuting him? It’s not even worth my time.

Or how about this guy at a blog aptly entitled Blogs for Bush? In a lovefest to our favorite vice-president, here is what the blogger has to say about loveable huggable Dick Cheney:

“Vice President Cheney is, indeed, very reserved – and a stark contrast to the shrieking hatred thrown at him by leftwing ignoramouses. A hundred years from how historians will stand in awe at the way this intelligent, patient and loyal American carried himself in the face of the slanders which have been spread about him and his actions.”

Yes, that’s right, Dick Cheney is an intelligent, patient and loyal American. Such a travesty how we treat such a nice guy.

The other day I was reading a blog called Redstate. I decided to respond to the ridiculous statements the writer was making, but I was shocked to find out that I was blocked from responding. Apparently I had gotten on the wrong side of this blogger with a comment sometime in the past that I don’t even remember, and now I am permanently banned from commenting on his inaccuracies.

I think I’ll survive.

Mariners Games in HD on Comcast Channel 664

This is what you would call a Public Service Blog for local readers. I have been trying to find where Fox is broadcasting the Seattle Mariners game in High Definition. I have tried Google and Comcast without any luck, in addition to the Mariners own web page. I can’t even find a phone number for Fox in the Seattle phonebook. Their web page is part of the larger Fox web page and has no local information. I have finally tracked it down. It is on Channel 664. Even the Comcast Channel Guide doesn’t tell you. According to them, I am watching golf.

So for those of you doing a search I hope that the search engine finds my post. THE SEATTLE MARINERS GAMES ARE BROADCAST IN HIGH DEFINITION ON COMCAST CHANNEL 664.

I have no idea if the away games will also be in high-def. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, how about if Comcast, the Mariners, and Fox Sports get it together and tell us where to find the damn games!

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Dori Monson is getting more and more looney in his opinions

Enough of Alberto Gonzales for now while we wait for him to do the right thing, let’s talk about Dori Monson again. The KIRO talkshow host has become more and more infatuated with his idea of a libertarian and free-market city, state and nation. Lately he has been having guests on who favor some kind of social program. Today it was somebody promoting helping people who work in Seattle afford a home here, and the other day it was the lady supporting paid sick-leave for new mothers.

Dori immediately starts by asking the people why we as taxpayers should be paying to support these humanitarian efforts instead of letting the free-market prevail. He further says that if people cannot afford a house in Seattle that must be because they made a wrong choice in life by not going to college or not getting a good job. If you carry his opinions to their logical extremes, there would be no people living in Seattle who work on construction, or at supermarkets, who are police officers or firemen.

Society gets to decide what its priorities are, and every society I can think of on this entire planet has decided that government can be used to help people. I cannot think of any government who runs on the libertarian, free-market theories that he seems so fond of. Does he really expect a city, state or country to decide that the government should not participate in any of their traditional activies, whether it be transportation and highways, public health, or education? I’ll answer that question with a resounding “no.”

What is his point? Does he really want the world to scrap its system of government for an unproven, never attempted-before total reliance on cutting taxes and letting the chips fall where they may?

I think it’s time for Dori to move on. This is a totally quixotic campaign he is running. Society is not about to leave these important issues to the private sector. Furthermore, nowhere in our Constitution does it say that this country is to be run on the free-market system. Nowhere in the Constitution are corporations and the rich given the special privileges that he apparently wants them to have.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion, but Dori needs to realize that most people consider his opinions to be totally out of touch with what people want. Do i dare use the word “extremist” for Dori? Why not, when he labels almost everybody he disagrees with to be an extremist, whether it be liberals, animal rights activists, people who don’t believe we should be in Iraq (65% of Americans at last count), etc.

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