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The 3rd Bush Twin, Flora

Here’s a video from the twin that the Bushes don’t want to talk about because she is a Democrat:

Lou Guzzo is back

Many years ago a pompous old man named Lou Guzzo used to pontificate on KIRO TV channel 7. I had forgotten all about this cranky guy and assumed he must have died long ago. Well, no, he has been resurrected as the “idea man” for a Republican candidate for Governor. He continues to pontificate and even has his own YouTube page if you can believe that. Here’s a sample of his opinions, in this case that Rachel Carson and the other environmentalists who helped to ban the insecticide DDT should be subject to the death penalty for what they did:

And the GOP candidate is trying to pass himself off as a moderate Republican?

In his dreams.

More about Lou can be found at HorsesAss.Org and Slog .

Forbes Magazine lists Washington as Best for Business

The next time you hear Dori Monson talk about how businesses are leaving Washington State because it is such a difficult place to do business, point him to this Forbes Magazine table which lists Washington as the 5th best state in the nation for business.

Forbes is positively effusive with praise for Washington State’s business climate:

“With a highly educated work force and a pro-business regulatory environment, Washington is poised to remain one of the best states to do business in–and to climb even higher on next year’s list.”

Kind of undercuts Dino Rossi’s campaign, too, doesn’t it?

Lisa Nova Does George Bush

An incredible interview with George Bush in Orange County:

This May Be the Only Blog Post Featuring George Bush and Tommy Chong

So George Bush has decided that Scooter Libby’s 30-month sentence was too severe. I applaud his new-found interest in fair sentences. Like maybe the 9 months that Tommy Chong served for selling a bong?

George Bush has never met a death-sentence that he didn’t like. As Texas Governor he never commuted a death sentence, no matter if the convicted was insane, became a saint, or was railroaded by Texas Justice. No, once a death-sentence always a death sentence with the Decider.

Alberto Gonzales, one of those Texas judges that Bush has utmost faith in, also subscribed to the death penalty. He had standing orders to his subordinates never to bring him a death sentence for review. Death was always the answer.

And poor Scooter, who covered for the vice-president and saw his loyalty pay off.

I don’t think I need to pursue this argument any longer.

Mike Webb, RIP: We hardly knew you, Mike

Mike Webb’s decomposed body was found last week in the crawlspace of his rental house. Apparently he had been murdered sometime in April, repeatedly stabbed by his assailant.

Mike had been a nighttime talk host at KIRO AM for many years; he was known as a fierce liberal voice and a proud gay man, as well as an expert on old rock-n-roll.

His death had come after a nightmarish year. He had an auto accident while running out to get a snack during a break from his show and made a claim on his GEICO insurance policy, even though the policy wasn’t actually officially taken out until the next day. He went to trial, apparently had a nervous breakdown which led to a mistrial, but was eventuallly convicted of insurance fraud.

Mike had been getting increasingly paranoid. He took offense to being criticized by our friend Michael Hood of the blog blatherWatch and engaged in a war of words with Michael and his site. Blatherwatch gave as good as it took, at one point claiming that Mike Webb wasn’t really a liberal, but instead was a really good actor. He was also criticized for driving a black Lexus and for voting to decertify the KIRO trade union. I explained to Mr. Hood that driving a Lexus did not mean that Mr. Webb was a hypocrite, but I never did find out exactly why Webb voted against the union.

Needless to say, KIRO fired Mike Webb shortly after the insurance incident, and his life went downhill from there. When the full extent of Webb’s mental problems became obvious, Blatherwatch let up a little on Webb and actually became sympathetic to him. Nevertheless, when the body was found some people immediately felt that Webb had commited suicide and blamed Hood. How somebody could kill himself, wrap his body in a tarp and hide it in a crawlspace of the house was never explained.

In any case, it was not suicide, it was murder. So maybe Mike Webb hadn’t really been so paranoid and mentally ill as we thought. Maybe there really were people around who wanted to kill him. One person anyway.

We miss Mike Webb. I wasn’t a regular listener to KIRO during the evenings, only when I happened to be driving home at night and there wasn’t a Mariners game on, but I was always impressed by his depth of knowledge about politics and multi-media.

Even Dori Monson paid tribute to him. I was impressed to hear that Dori actually phoned Webb after his firing to see how he was doing. It was a side of Dori I had never heard before and because of that this will be the one time I will not bad mouth him, although now Blatherwatch is saying that Dori had actually tried to have Webb fired several times previously.

What a tangled mess and a tragedy. Seattle is a worse place for not having Mike Webb.

Cyclist run down by truck, left in sad shape

I don’t remember how I originally discovered the website, but since then I check it out regularly. It’s run by some alternative lifestyle young folks in Salt Lake City and is very entertaining.

I have no idea why hip young people would want to live in Salt Lake City. I grew up in the south and count myself as being very lucky that I escaped. I do understand, however, how living in such a place would make you feel close to your friends.

Last month I checked into the site and heard about a very horrible event that happened to one of the Hektik group. Marty Kasteler was riding his bicycle home at 2am with his girlfriend when a large white truck started to back into them. Marty thumped on the side of the truck to get the driver’s attention and the driver took offense. He turned around and ran Marty down, causing a great deal of damage to Marty as well as a building and no doubt to his truck, too.

You can learn more by visiting the site The Marty Kasteler Fund and perhaps even help him out. Amazingly they still haven’t found the truck or the driver who did this.

I am a bicyclist myself, although I am not brave enough to drive at night and certainly not at 2am. I understand how oblivious and hostile drivers can be to cyclists and it’s pretty frightening. This is something extremely shocking and I hope they catch the guy soon.