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Dirty Laundry Aired Here

Here in Seattle the whole blogosphere has been atwitter about a waitress and a conservative blogger who patronized her restaurant. I can hardly begin to summarize the story so far, and besides it would be more fun for you to read all about it yourself.

You could start here with an article from The Stranger which pretty much lays out the story.

After that take a trip to Stephen Sharkansky’s Republican blog, Sound Politics, David Goldstein’s more liberal HorsesAss.Org. and then Michael Hood’s blatherWatch.

If you are still intrigued by the story, go to Technorati and search Sharkansky and find any number of smaller blogs that have posted on the subject, now including this one, too! 161 hits and growing, as this catfight is now going national. Hell, maybe the waitress and the blogger will be on 60 minutes next week.

We now have a scandal that is not going to die very quickly even though it appears that all the principles involved would love for it to go away. It has everything the people in Seattle love, a tale of a waitress who was stiffed, a bully who came down too hard on her, several bloggers who tried unsuccessfully to delete their posts about it. The whole sordid tale is a blast! So far it seems that the Shark himself has been the one most harmed, although the poor waitress is now without a job or a blog.

Speaking of scandals, what do you think of Senator Larry Craig’s statement that he has a wide stance when he goes to the toilet?

Gross(!) and a lot more information than we wanted to hear!

Yawn, Gonzo Finally Leaves

Here’s a picture I took of the Lunar Eclipse Monday night. If you look closely you can see Alberto Gonzales on his broom. Frankly I had given up, having predicted it more than 5 months ago, I was kind of embarassed. He made me look bad by hanging on.

I wasn’t alone. actually retired it’s own Deathwatch graph, which they had to suddenly resurrect after he finally resigned.

The Drumbeat Has Started: Fox News is Leading the Charge on Iran

Tired of the War in Iraq and that other one still going on in Afghanistan? Fox News has a great idea. Let’s invade Iran! It’s bigger and more of a challenge than those other 2 wars, but it sure would take our mind off of all our other problems.

Gallup Poll Review: Karl Rove’s Assertions About Hillary Clinton are Dubious

Karl Rove has been going around telling everybody that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is fatally flawed because she has such high negative ratings. Anytime a Republican like Rove talks about the possibility of running against Hillary you have to be suspicious of his motives. After all, he hasn’t handicapped any of the other candidates. Does this mean perhaps they are afraid of a Hillary campaign? It’s difficult to read such a devious mind.

Nevertheless, in a new Gallup Poll Review, the famed pollster takes issue with Rove’s conclusions. it turns out that Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush had similarly high negative ratings just before they were re-elected by the voters. In addition, Gallup points out that Hillary’s negatives are less likely to rise for the balance of the election (unless she does something really bad) because most of the voters already know her so well.

Dori does Nitrous

KIRO’s talkshow host Dori Monson often talks about how he has never done any drugs and rarely drinks. On today’s show, however, he told listeners how much he loves nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and that he refuses to go to the dentist if he doesn’t get it.

Pardon me if I stifle a little laugh here.

KIRO TV in Seattle Now Run by Robots

It’s a sad time at our local CBS affiliate, KIRO Channel 7. This weekend the newsroom went totally automated. Gone are the floor managers, audio guys, and camera people. Instead there are 2 stationary TV cameras with one guy controlling the whole newscast from the control room.

Longtime employees, some who have worked at KIRO for 20 years, have been laid off.

I guess this is the new look for television news, low budget, automated, no employees except for the robotic anchorpeople.