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Clinton on

If only this guy was still president.

Rightwing Blogger Calls Walt Crowley a Communist

I did a Technorati search for Walt Crowley to see what other bloggers are saying about his unfortunate death last week. One headline Walt Crowley: “Journalist,” “Historian,” Democrat, Communist, dead at 60 jumped out at me. What the hell was that about?

The site, called The Reagan Wing, is still fighting the hippie revolution of 40 years ago. Crowley is taken to task for working on the Helix which promoted “drugs and “acid” rock, nudity, “open” sexual relationships, homosexuality, Marxist thought and violent revolution.

Heaven forbid!

As for the Communist part, this is how the author reached that conclusion:
The Draft Board asked, as standard procedure, if he belonged to any subversive group and if he believed in the violent overthrow of the government of United States of America.
To put it more succinctly, Walt Crowley responded: 1, I’m a Marxist-Leninist, and, 2, Yes.

Hmmm, I wonder what Dick Cheney said to the Draft Board. Could it have been “I have other things to do.”

Well, whatever. I am sure if Walt Crowley was to see this pathetic blog he would have laughed himself silly.

I suggest this writer move on. It has been 40 years man! The Vietnam War is over, thank goodness, and we are now friends with Vietnam. Now we are in another misguided war caused by the same so-called “patriots” who would take this country down with them.

Walt Crowley, RIP. We love you, man

Walt Crowley has died. Please visit blatherWatch for a moving tribute and an excellent biography.

I first arrived in Seattle in 1969 after having been run out of Florida for publishing an underground newspaper among other things. It was a delight to find The Helix when I arrived. Walt published the Helix, one of the most attractive and readable underground newspapers and a precursor to many other weeklies published in this town.

Walt Crowley, however, had no intention of remaining a hippie publisher. He had a multitude of friends in liberal Seattle and was prominent in many roles. I followed his career in the news and later on television, but it was quite a few years before I met him.

He was speaking at a local Democratic meeting and I was looking forward to seeing him. I was shocked to find my hero sneaking a smoke outside. I didn’t expect someone I admired so much to be hooked on nicotine, but he was, and it eventually led to his early death at 60.

That is much too young to die.

We are really going to miss him in Seattle, but he will live on through his website HistoryLink. Check it for news about a forthcoming memorial service.

Dori Monson is a Sick Fuck

I came back from lunch today and from my radio I kept hearing continuous screaming. It turns out that Dori Monson was playing an audio tape over and over of the student who was arrested at the University of Florida for questioning John Kerry. You would think that Dori, who was tasered last year himself, would be a little more sympathetic, but no, instead he was being his usual macho, sneering, giggling self, making fun of the student. As the tape ended, he said, “I know what you want. You want to hear the part where he was tasered again, don’t you?” Whereupon he played that section of the tape again with the kid screaming.

I immediately changed the station.

So do we want a lying Republican drunk or an incompetent former Republican?

Jand Hague is the incumbent Republican King County Councilperson from Bellevue, WA. She was such a sure thing for re-election that the Dems didn’t even bother filing a candidate in the primaries.

Longtime Republican gadly Richard Pope, a perennial candidate and by all accounts a lousy lawyer, not to mention frequent emailer to, switched parties and filed in the Democratic primary, the only one who did. The Dems saw this but it was too late, so they tried running a write-in candidate but that didn’t work. Pope won the Democratic Primary.

A funny thing happened on election day. It came out that Mrs. Hague had been arrested for DUI, registering double the limit. She famously asked the officer why he wasn’t doing something more productive, like chasing rapists for instance.

Well now Goldy at HorsesAss has written about a new scandal involving Jane Hague. It turns out that she doesn’t actually have the degree that all her biographies say she has. The education of Jane Hague

So you get the picture. Richard Pope is actually starting to look like he has a chance. Some of the liberals including Goldy have a little sympathy for him, but frankly he sounds like a loser even if he wins. A previous post from Goldy about Rope-a-dope Pope isn’t too flattering.

So it’s looking like bad news for both the Dems and the Publicans this time around. Luckily for me I don’t have to vote in this race.