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Golden Gardens Drive Out of Commission

I seem to have a knack for being on vacation whenever anything bad happens, going back to the Wah Mee Massacre over 20 years ago. Another time I was on the way home and the flight attendant from Seattle asked me if I had heard that Ray’s had burned down. The famous restaurant is less than half a mile from my home, so I was quite shocked. Last year I missed the great snowfall and flooding, and this year I missed the great storm and the subsequent mudslide that took out Golden Gardens Drive, while I was enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica.

So yesterday I peddled my bike down to Golden Gardens to see the damage for myself.

Golden Gardens Park is open and as beautiful as ever, actually it might even be better in the winter: no crowds of people on the beach, no girls in bikinis playing volleyball. (Hmm, I’m going to have to rethink that.) The tide was way up as high as I’ve ever seen it. What was really cool was the duck pond at the far north end of the park. I hadn’t realized how big it was because in the summer it’s surrounded by bushes that have now lost all their leaves. Seeing all the ducks made me feel a little like a voyeur; the ducks who used to be hidden are now exposed to anybody who comes by.

No turtles were around, but I’m not worried about them surviving the winter. Last year they survived quite well.

But back to Golden Gardens Drive. The mudslide is just above the dog park. Most of the road for about 20 feet has fallen into a huge pit. The car that fell isn’t there anymore, but you can see a good picture of it
here in Peggy Sturdivant’s blog. Thanks, Peggy!

The road is closed indefinitely. Fortunately for those who live in the area, it appears that all the homes are reachable from the top of 85th St. You can walk right up to the hole, if you dare, although there are some barriers put up to protect you.

One other thing: the bicycle trail along Shilshole seems to be coming along quite well. I expect it will be open by this summer. I can’t tell you how exciting it will be to have the Burke-Gilman trail finally finished.

Take that, Dori Monson!

Nurses Union Defends Cheney “Dead By Now” Ad

In California the Nurses Union ran an interesting ad.
See it here.

The point, of course, was that Dick Cheney is entitled to government-paid medical care that he denies to many other citizens, especially poor children.