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Fox News is in for a very rough 2008

Fox News’ strength has always been that it is the place to go if you are Republican. Fox News’ weakness has been that this the place to go if you are a Republican, because there aren’t many Republicans left these days. Media Matters discusses how it promises to be a bad election year for the network that has hitched itself to Bush and Giuliani.

Check out what happened when a group of disgruntled Ron Paul supporters chased Sean Hannity, chanting “Fox News Sucks”!

William Kristol is a menace, a disaster, and always wrong

Ever since the New York Times announced last week that their new columnist would be Mr. William Kristol, I have been apoplectic. Here is a man who is dangerous, a menace, the man with the smarmy Cheshire Cat grin who almost single-handedly agitated for us to invade Iraq and is at it again with Iran…..(pant, pant), who is once again given a cushy job with a great deal of money for being entirely and mostly wrong about nearly everything.

Well, I guess I needn’t have worried too much, because he is out with his first column, and it’s mostly a joke telling us what a nice guy Mike Huckabee is and what a great president he would make. He also makes the statement that we are finally done with the Clintons after Hillary’s defeat in Iowa.

If I wanted to be fair to Mr. Kristol I would mention that his column came out the day before the New Hampshire primary, but he has never been one to be fair at all to anybody he disagrees with, so I won’t be either. The guy is a loser, a lousy writer who is always wrong about almost everything, and he should be made to get a real job, perhaps working in a supermarket deli or cleaning offices at night or something of that nature. Or better yet, he should be drafted into the Army so he can fully support the wars he loves so much.

Again, the pundits are wrong!

I don’t know why I have to learn this fact every election, namely that:

The pundits and experts are always wrong!

Hillary was supposed to win Idaho and then Hillary was finished and Obama would win New Hampshire. What can I say? “They” were wrong again.

Well that’s just great. The experts don’t get to decide who we will choose for our candidates. Those of us in the other states still will have a voice in the whole affair.

I just hope that John Edwards is able to stay in the race. It’s looking pretty dire. As for Mr. Romney, well he has enough money if he feels like wasting it.

Obama & Edwards: Real Change!

I still am supporting John Edwards for President, believing that he could be a great president, but I am also getting excited about Barrack Obama. It is obvious that this is one of those times in history when we could be making a real change. Thanks to George Bush, this is going to be a year in which the Republican Party is totally repudiated. A new generation is coming to power.

I am now thinking that Obama could be our next president, and that John Edwards would make a great Attorney-General. Edwards will be somebody not afraid to pursue the lawbreakers from the current administration.

In the past we have seen a wholesale use of pardons and amnesty when it comes to a previous administration. I think Edwards is tougher than that and we would see some real justice in the Justice Department.