The world’s most unique toy store Archie McPhee’s has lost its lease after ten years in Ballard. They will be moving to 45th and Stoneway in Wallingford, only a few blocks from where they started.

So let’s get this correct. Once more a greedy landlord has sold his land to some condo developers. But of course there won’t be any condos built anytime soon because the market is already flooded. They have already torn down our Denny’s and our Sunset Bowl to make room for condos that may or may not ever be built. Logic doesn’t figure in here anymore in Ballard.

Meantime, here are some pictures taken Sunday, December 21st, during the heaviest snowstorm I can remember hitting this area. You can see things were pretty dead in Sunset Hill and Ballard. On the busiest shopping day of the year not much was happening. This is a heavy blow for retailers already hit hard by the recession.
24th St. & Market
The locks were completely deserted
Sunset Hill’s Business District
Neighbors on 34th St. took over the street
My new home