Most of us know very little about Honduras, including how to spell it. I actually have been there many times, but mostly to a little known island off the coast known as Roatan Island. This lovely island is a paradise for SCUBA divers and American ex-pats. Almost everyone there speaks English.

The ousted President Manuel Zelaya has been trying to fly directly into the capitol of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, in a plane borrowed from Venezuela, but was blocked from landing. I suggest instead that he divert the plane to Roatan International Airport.

I know from personal experience that there would be very little problem for him to land and clear customs on Roatan. I will make one suggestion, however. Don’t fly on the plane borrowed from Hugo Chavez. Instead take one of the regularly schedule airlines, such as Continental or Delta.

After that he could hop the regularly scheduled ferry to the mainland, or better yet, set up his government on Roatan Island. It is much more pleasant there, believe me.