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Marathon runners are awesome.

Meb Keflezighi, from Eritrea but an American citizen, won the New York Marathon on Sunday in what amounted to 5 minute miles. That’s 12 miles per hour.

When I ride my bike I cruise at about 11 to 12 miles per hour. When I am really trucking I get up to 15 to 16 and going downhill over 20, but that gets scary real fast.

The New York Times had a little blurb about how fast that is. If you go on a treadmill and push it up to 12 miles per hour it feels like an all-out sprint. In fact very few of us could even run 1 mile at that 5-minute pace, let alone for 26.2 miles!

I ran a marathon myself a few years ago. My goal was to do 10 minute miles, which works out to a little more than 4-1/2 hours, 6 miles per hour. I didn’t quite make it that fast, finishing in just under 5 hours. I was happy. Hell, I was happy I was able to finish the marathon.

Another NY Times article recently spoke about how some expert runners think it is has become too easy to run a marathon. They felt that the marathon should end at 6 hours, because any slower than that and you could practically walk it. Maybe, I don’t know, but I do know that for some people, like me, running a marathon is something you remember your entire life.

As I watched the marathon on Sunday I was so excited because I felt like I was one of them. I had run a marathon myself, albeit less than half as fast as them, but hey I finished. And training for it caused me to lose 20 pounds. I felt great. I should do it again.