I’m not going to spend a lot of time gloating because the real battle is next year when the entire U.S. Congress is up for re-election and 3 years hence when we get an opportunity to turn the Neo-Cons out of our White House.

Locally, the big news had to be Initiative 912 failing. Anytime the populace actually votes to keep a tax, that is something notable. In the past few years Tim Eyman and rightwing talk radio have had their way with tax initiatives. Our state was in the position of electing Democrats to do something for the State, but then being vetoed whenever they tried to raise taxes to pay for the improvements.

Washington State Republicans looked up0n Initiative 912 as a continuation of last year’s gubernatorial race, which they barely lost. They were handed their own heads on a platter, giving Governor Christine Gregoire (who they chauvinistically labelled “Queen Christine”) an important victory. Now, with the help of the Democratic legislature she will be able to keep this state running smoothly for 4 years and leave a legacy decades more as our infrastructure receives badly needed maintenance.

David Goldstein at HorsesAss.Org is rightly claiming a victory for bloggers in our state, too. He outed Dave Irons, the Republican running against King County Exec Ron Sims and made sure that voters knew just what kind of man is opposed by his own parents and sister.

A last minute attempt by local Republicans to disenfranchise almost 2000 voters exploded in their faces. They were exposed as the party of exclusion who want to make it as difficult as possible for Democrats to vote. They are fighting a losing battle as 75% of voters in our state now vote by absentee and mail ballots, making it harder than ever for the Republicans to challenge legitimately voting citizens.

I did lose one, the Monorail, but that can’t be blamed on Republicans solely. It can’t be blamed on Jews either, as I personally have always supported the monorail through thick and thin. The whole Monorail is a tragedy, which I plan to talk about later. The monorail itself is probably over, but this story will play out for years.

Anyway, it is not the time to gloat, because the important elections are way ahead of us. We have to keep the pressure on the Republicans so that we can make sure that sanity returns to power nationally. While it is nice to live in such an open-minded state as Washington, we can’t rest while half the country is still ruled by ruthless neo-c0ns.