Judging by the emails I have received from my Allan Prell columns, they are the most widely read blogs I have yet written. So I am happy to report that Allan has sent out an email to his supporters with a couple of chapters of a book he is writing about his experiences with KIRO, from which he was unceremoniously fired, and other radio stations he has worked at.

Just in case you aren’t on Allan’s mailing list, you may contact him at allanprell@gmail.com and I’m sure he would be happy to send it to you, too. Ultimately he hopes to find a publisher for his book.

I have enjoyed reading it so far. According to Allan, Thom Clendening, the man who fired him, was Allan’s best friend at the station and had promised him a year to find his audience. Unfortunately, the big mucky-mucks at Entercom didn’t feel so charitable and made it clear that Clendening would be fired, too, if he didn’t get rid of Allan .

Allan blames the focus group that KIRO had held a few weeks earlier, and a sales manager (Sales Weasel) who said he couldn’t sell advertising on Allan’s show.

He also gives us a look into how talk radio works, in particular how Rush Limbaugh bullies the radio market.

Allan was at WBAL in Baltimore for 7 years, sometimes holding down the #1 rating in that market, before he suddenly walked out. In the excerpts he doesn’t explain what happened there, but it is promised in a forthcoming chapter.

None of my other columns have come close to inspiring as many “hits” and comments from fans in Seattle and in Baltimore, where many listeners also still miss him a year later. blatherWatch reports the same thing, their most popular blogs ever.

Surely there is a place in talk radio for somebody with Allan’s talents. I hope it turns out to be a station in Seattle, and I think Allan feels the same way.

Bring back Allan Prell, somebody!