My prediction is that the momentum is with Kerry. In fact, it could be a landslide for him.

On the other hand I could be wrong.

What I wll be looking for, along with all the other pundits, at 5pm Pacific time on election day (closing time for the east coast): If Kerry wins NH, PA, and NJ I will be feeling really good. If he somehow loses NJ, Bush wins it all. Kerry needs New Jersey. If Florida goes early to Kerry, which I don’t see foresee, Kerry wins easily. Bush needs Florida.

Next is Ohio. If Bush wins it’s almost over for Kerry, especially if he lost Florida, too.

There could be some real surprises, however. If Kerry wins Iowa, in addition to MN, MI, OH, WI, then he also has a chance to capture CO and NM and pretty soon he’s looking at over 300 electoral votes. It could happen.

There are so many possibilities. It’s even possible that the whole thing could be decided in Hawaii, 6 hours after the east coast polls are closed. Oh God! Let’s hope not, although I feel pretty confident Hawaii will vote for Kerry.

Read Slate, Salon, Zogby and the LA Tiimes to see where I am getting my info.

Incidently, there is practically no way that the Dems will win the Senate, even if Bunning loses in Kentucky. Everything would have to break for the Dems to even tie at 50-50, although that wouldn’t be bad now that Zell Miller is gone.