We’re still here, and at least John Ashcroft is on his way out. Hey, thank God for small favors.

Here in the state of Washington, a Blue state if there ever was one, we are having an unbelievably close race for Governor. The Republican won by 261 votes and they are now having a recount. Last night I attended an annual panel discussion given by my state senator. One of the panelists was the local head of the NAACP. He took credit for the Republican winning, saying that the Democratic candidate arrogantly took the black vote for granted, and never even courted their vote, figuring they had no choice but to vote Democratic. Meanwhile the Republican actually did campaign in black areas. Worse of all, it turns out that when the Dem was a student at the University of Washington in the 60′s, she was president of a sorority that did not allow blacks. Instead of saying she was sorry, she blamed the tenor of the times.

Hey, you know I am with the NAACP on this one. I was going to college in Florida during the civil rights movement, and dealt with her kind of people, the ones who wouldn’t take responsibility for the horrible things that were being done to black people. Even now, they are excusing themselves, just like our governmental candidate.

We have always known that segregation was wrong. I myself was called a nigger-lover for being a liberal in the south. There were other people growing up in those days by the name of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton who spoke up against injustices. So her excuse sounds pretty lame to me, especially growing up in a liberal town like Seattle. I mean, was she totally unaware of what was going on the 60′s and 70′s?

Right now, it appears that the South won the Civil War, but the tide will turn. I refer you to The Stranger, our alternative newspaper. They say it is just as well that Bush won, because now he will have to deal with the mess he has made in Iraq, not to mention the problems caused by his huge deficits which are bound to cause huge problems with the economy very shortly. If we had won, we would have been blamed for the problems he caused. So maybe it is a blessing that Bush has to clean up his own poop.

So let’s be patient, hope we manage not to get arrested during the next four years, and keep on truckin’.