Only hours ago I posted the previous blog about Stefan Sharkansky and his actions that helped speed-up the inevitable resignation of Alberto Gonzales. This wasn’t exactly breaking news. Yesterday on ABC’s This Week when George Stephanopolis asked his panel if anybody expected Gonzales to still be AG in a month, not a hand was raised, including those of George Will.

Tonight none other than
USNews & World Report is out with the story that the White House is already lookng for replacements. Among the fascinating tidbits:

“The fear that virtually any piece of communication will have to be turned over has paralyzed department officials’ ability to communicate effectively and respond in unison to the crisis, as has the fact that senior Justice officials themselves say they still don’t know the entire story about what happened that led to the crisis. So they are afraid that anything they put down on paper could be viewed as lies or obfuscation, when in fact, the story is changing daily as new documents are found and as the Office of Legal Counsel conducts its own internal probe into the matter.”

Hee hee. Hoisted on their own petards. Take away the administration’s ability to lie and obfuscate they are left helpless to do anything else. That’s all they know after 6 years of being able to do anything they wanted no matter how heinous or misdirected it was. Happy Anniversary, Glorious War on the Nasty Arabs! Wasn’t that a great victory to celebrate four years ago?!!!

Anyway, they are talking about putting in Chertoff, the Homeland Security Chief, as the new Attorney General. Hell, I didn’t even know that he has a law degree? Or does he? I think Bush needs to do better than that. How about Janet Reno? :)