A few years ago when I was traveling regularly to Cuba I started a Yahoo group about Cuba. I had several members of that group who were elderly refugees from Cuba, who have a rather slanted view of American politics; namely that being a Democrat is the same as being a traitor to the United States, as well as a Communist. I actually have had to kick out two of these men after warning them they could not call me a traitor just because I happened to disagree with them.

I still get email about Obama from one of them. Here is a typical screed from him:

“This guy, Barack Hussein Bin Laden Obama, is nothing more than a renegade and frustrated muslim with his fundamentalist ideas that included the hate for America, americans and all that represent our values as an americans.

If we don’t act wisely, this traitor of America will join the forces of terror from the White House, and will be an active participant, as a fundamentalist muslim, in the destruction of our beloved Country and will allow hundreds of 9/11 to happen from north to south and from east to west in american ground.

So, don’t let this Obama fool you with his incoherents speeches about “the change”. Yes, of course, the so called “change” will be not only the destruction of America, but the convertion by force of all americans to the muslim religion. Don’t allow that to happen to you and your family. Don’t let that to happen to America.

Charming stuff, huh?

Recently this same man sent me a column written by a Thomas Sowell, of the conservative Hoover Institute. The article goes to great lengths to explain he is a black man who does not support Obama. In an effort to show how open-minded he is, he says that he would happily vote for Colin Powell for President. In other words, it’s not as if he is prejudiced against black people. Just liberal ones.

All of this makes me wonder how my Cuban friends would take today’s column by Robert D. Novak , which says that Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama for President. Not only that, but Time Magazine’s Robert Halperin thinks that Powell will speak at the Democratic Convention.

Will my old Cuban “friends” label their old buddy Colin Powell a traitor, too?