One of my favorite bloggers: Jesus’ General also posted this video on his site, along with a link to another blogger, who is not of the same political persuasion that we are. As part of this other blogger’s criticism of Campbell Brown she (yes, this bigot is actually a woman) calls Campbell Brown a “Sex Toy to Saudi Masters” and “A Muslim Whore who Pimps for the Jihad.”

The amusing thing is that she also links to the Wikipedia entry on Campbell Brown to back up her claim that Campbell’s father was a Democratic Insurance Commissioner in Louisiana who served a 6-month sentence for insurance fraud. Therefore, claims this female bigot, Campbell Brown is aligned with the Democrats.

Interestingly, the Wikipedia, entry on Campbell Brown also says, in the very same paragraph that Campbell Brown is married to Daniel Samuel “Dan” Senor (born 1971), a Republican political consultant to President George W. Bush who appears regularly on Fox News in Washington, D.C.

So Pam, according to your logic, wouldn’t that make Campbell Brown a Republican?