Some people might have thought I was guilty of hyperbole a few days ago when I said that McCarthyism was alive and well, but sometimes the truth surprises even me. Now, in fact, I think maybe the rightwingnuts have gone too far even for them. I am speaking of David Horowitz’s new site
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which has a little grid that connects well-known liberals such as Bill Moyers, Bruce Springsteen, Katie Couric(?), and film-critic Roger Ebert to well-known Arab terrorists. Read the story in Salon.Com: News | Roger Ebert and Mohammed Atta, partners in crime

This is really outrageous. Where does one start? Well, for one thing, terrorists have nothing at all to do with liberalism, leftwingism, or anything like that. Terrorists are not pro-choice, they don’t want a secular society, they certainly don’t believe in peace, gay rights, women’s rights, abortion rights, and they apparently could care less about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and protecting the environment.

Why don’t we tell the truth here? These people want a society based on their religious fundamentalism. Does this sound familiar? If anything, they resemble famous Americans like Jerry Falwell, Tom DeLay, Pat Robertson and David Horowitz. They want to tell us how to run our lives according to their insane beliefs and they want to use scorched-earth tactics to get their way. In fact, if the Muslim extremists and the Christian fundamentalists ever got together, then we would really be in trouble!

David Horowitz, for those of you unfamiliar with him, has an interesting career. He used to be a Black Panther and famous left-winger. He was too crazy for them, however, and when he was rejected by his liberal friends, he went to the totally other-extreme, where he makes a career of bashing his former allies. Our friend Dori Monson often has him as a guest, which is really outrageous. Dori acts like he is a normal guy who speaks the truth about liberalism. I can’t believe that Horowitz is given any credibility by Dori at all. By embracing this kind of rightwing foolishness and slander, Dori has totally lost any of his own credibility.

Apparently we are not the only ones who don’t like Mr. Horowitz. Check out this photo:

Mr. Horowitz after being pied recently

Speaking of nutcases, we note the passing of Andrea Dworkin, who coined the phrase “All Men Are Rapists.”