A large crowd in support of Allan Prell

Allan addresses his troops.

Allan chains himself to the mailbox in front of KIRO

Traffic almost stops

Dave Ross lends his encouragement, but not support.

Allan Prell’s fans thronged in front of KIRO Radio today in a bid to get him back on the air. Mostly the huge demonstration was met with indifference. Ann Wog sent a note out to the crowd to say she dearly missed him. I was sorry not to see her, because I was hoping to invite her out for some cotton candy. Mike Siegel’s producer spoke to the crowd and gave us the surprising news that Siegel and Prell were good buddies. Go figure that.

The advertising manager came out to go to lunch and Allan Prell announced to the crowd that there was the man responsible for his firing. The man who had said he couldn’t sell ads on Allan’s show beat a hasty retreat.

Dave Ross came by on his way in to work. Surprisingly the two had never met before even though Allan had worked for 9 months at the same station.

Allan is planning on remaining in Seattle; he loves his new home here. The prospects for him finding another job on the air, however, are dubious at best. We wish him the best. We might be nerds but we loved his show.