Terry Schiavo, Finally Able to RIP

The creators of South Park are really amazing guys. Last night’s new episode, which was about Kenny being called to Heaven to help defend the place from the Devil’s war on them, was truly prescient.

It turned out that Kenny had a living will, which makes sense for a guy who dies as much as he does.
Our New UN Ambassador?

When the will was discovered it said that if Kenny is ever on life-support, please don’t put him on television in that state and make a media spectacle of his death. Kenny and Kyle, who were fighting to keep his feeding tube in him then realized that their good intentions were not what he really had wanted, and they finally left him to die, whereupon he went to Heaven and saved the place.

More About South Park here

This show premiered mere hours before Terry Schiavo actually died.

I am in awe.

This will be my one and only Schiavo post. My condolences to all of her loved ones.

Republicans Imploding

Nobody should be surprised at what is happening to the Republicans, especially if you know anything at all about history. Although they like to pretend that they are respectable and compassionate people, after they seize power they inevitably go much too far and end up alienating the vast majority of decent citizens. I am incredulous that the Democrats don’t do more to inform the people about the history of the Republicans and what we can expect from them.

We could go back to Harding and Coolidge, 80 years ago to see how their laissez-faire attitude towards business and investing caused the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt was swept into power and immediately implemented Social Security. The Republicans squealed like stuck pigs. This is Communism they yelled and much worse things. Just like they demonized Clinton and Kerry, but much worse. They don’t mention now that they have always hated Social Security and have been waiting for this opportunity to gut it ever since.

After World War II Communism was the great boogie man. Anybody who opposed the laissez faire policies of the Republicans was labelled a Communist. Thousands of people, who were mere liberals, were branded as Communists. Their lives were ruined and some were killed.

Nowadays the Republicans embrace Kennedy, but they sure didn’t while he was president. They blocked everything he proposed, especially Civil Rights. The real reason he was visiting Texas when he was killed was because he was taking his fight to the tiger’s mouth. The south was where Kennedy was villified and eventually killed, lest we forget.

Kennedy’s death eventually led to the passage of the Civil Rights bill, with Republicans screaming all the way again. This was when the south switched from being strongly Democratic to Republican for good. All the bigots who were against Civil Rights all of a sudden became good Conservative Republicans, but nobody had really changed inside.

Nixon, who doesn’t look too bad compared to the current administration, ran the government the same way Bush does, with an iron hand. In fact, some of the same characters, such as Rumsfeld and Cheney got their start under Nixon. He was brought down when he overreached by using thugs and dirty tricks to get elected and maintain his power. Doesn’t that sound suspiciously similar to last year’s election tactics by the Bushies? Democrats are always taken by surprise by the Republican election tricks, because it is hard for us to believe that anybody could sink so low. How does a deserter destroy the reputation of a war hero? Well now we know it can be done.

Jimmy Carter was too nice a guy, and the Republicans ran him out of office with their nefarious tactics.

Clinton was elected, and the Republicans ran a non-stop smear campaign against him. Fortunately the people were able to see that Newt Gingrich and his coherts were the real meanies in this battle and Clinton was re-elected much to their dismay.

My point is that the Republicans are really not very nice people. They don’t want what you and I want. Fortunately we can always count on them to overreach and attempt to take this country in directions most decent people never wanted.

Unfortunately they do a great deal of harm before they are exposed. I don’t know if this country will ever be able to recover from the environmental degradation that is taking place, the enemies we have made all over the world especially in Arab countries, and the poor unfortunate people all over the world who have suffered because of their rule.

Not to mention the financial hole we have put onto future generations.

Latest on Washington State’s Governors Race

Hey, bet you didn’t know that the Washington State Governor’s Race was still being contested by the losing Republicans? Unless of course you live in Washington State where the only news for the last six months has been how those damn people in King County are running things just because they have so many criminals voting there.

Today’s news in the Seattle Times is about the latest gambit by the Republicans, releasing a list of 1135 felons who voted in the gubernatorial election illegally. The Times checked the 462 King County names and found that 165 were invalid, because they included juvenile cases that did not disqualify the voters.

The Seattle Times: Politics: GOP’s
felon list may be way off

In Whatcom County the discrepency was even more appalling. Of 13 supposed felons voting, 6 turned out to be non-felons and 3 of the others didn’t vote anyway. In all fairness, Whatcom is home to Bellingham, another liberal hotbed in the state. :-)

I had vowed not to use smileys in my serious blog, but that last sentence called out so badly for one, I couldn’t resist.

So now we find that hundreds of people had their names released to the news media as felons when they weren’t at all. Hmmm, weren’t Republicans once known for protecting innocent citizens’ privacy rights?

The court case that all this evidence is being gathered for drags on 6 months after the election. Can you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if the situation was reversed? Well, of course we don’t have to imagine, because they were ahead at first, and then again after the 1st recount, and we know exactly what they were doing, pressuring Gregoire to be a good sport and concede.

To overturn an election through the courts in Washington State, you actually have to prove that there was fraud. It is not enough to say that a certain number of voters illegally voted. You need to prove that this was plotted by the Democrats to steal the election. I myself resent the insinuation that felons vote Democratic anyway. Republicans assume this because most prisoners are minorities, therefore they vote Democrat. For one thing, felons are totally unpredictable. Sometimes they are crazy, sometimes they are white racists, mostly they are anti-social and can’t really be pinned-down as being part of a political group.

Here’s an idea. The Republicans should take a poll of prisoners and/or felons to find out how they vote. If they turn out to be conservatives, wouldn’t that be a goof?!!

I’d be interested in seeing the results myself. And Mary Lane should be in charge.

Our new UN Ambassador

Wilford Brimley appointed to harass other countries, get him out of Rice’s hair.

Our New UN Ambassador?

Our New UN Ambassador
Stop Bolton

Are you an Operative? How about an Appeaser?

One way you can tell that a radio host listens to Fox News is by their vocabulary. Lately I have noticed a couple of words coming up quite often. A Democratic volunteer or somebody who works for the party is now called an “operative.” There’s something sinister sounding about that word, huh? Sounds vaguely communistic, like calling somebody a comrade.

The other word I have been hearing more is an “appeaser.” An appeaser, if you can’t tell, is somebody who doesn’t believe that the way to affect change is to attack other countries and bomb the hell out of them. In other words, an appeaser is a peacenik, or a bleeding heart liberal. Hmmm.

How much is a latte a day?

Dori Monson is talking about Dan Rather today, and how the blogs brought him down. Ho hum. Boring.

So I am going to talk about this commercial he does for Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning Company, here in Seattle. The commercial is trying to sell air conditioning to the Seattle audience, which is a tough sell, since we typically have only about 2 weeks a year with temperatures over 80 degrees.

Dori’s selling point is that it only costs about the same as “A Latte A Day.” Seattleites, of course, are big latte drinkers, and presumably they can relate to the fact that they go to Starbucks or Tully’s or one of the smaller coffee houses every day.

So presuming he is talking about $3 a day, and we’ll allow 365 days a year, even though realistically Seattleites probably only go during the work week, but we’ll make it simple, so we are talking a little over $1000 a year. But what does the commercial actually mean? Does it mean that it costs $1000 to install an air conditioner in your home? Or does he mean that is the cost of the electricity to use the air conditioner, $1000 a year? I am confused. Is it only $3 a day when you are using it, or is it $1000 a year every year? Does he mean it will be $3 a day forever, or does he mean just for the first year?

I don’t know. And there are no answers forthcoming either. The statement is meaningless, and I don’t know who has the correct answer. In the meantime, no air conditioner for me, thank you, until I know how much it’s going to cost anyway!

What is a Terrorism Expert anyway?

Here in Seattle, one of the highest-rated radio stations is KIRO, a talk-radio station with a mixed bag of hosts. Many of them are liberal, befitting a city like Seattle, including noted CBS Radio commentator Dave Ross, who was recently a losing candidate for Congress.

By far the most controversial talkshow host is Dori Monson, who operates the afternoon slot. He started as a sports commentator, has an ingratiating and friendly attitude, except when it comes to politics, where he has become more and more conservative and dogmatic.

One of his favorite guests is Edward Turzanski, a professor at LaSalle University in Philadelphia. Turzanski is always introduced by Dori Monson as a “terrorism expert.” I’ve been listening to Dori and Turzanski for awhile now, and I wondered, what the hell is a terrorism expert anyway? For that matter, what is a terrorist anyway? We all know about the 9/11 terrorists, and the Palestine suicide bombers, etc., but the phrase is often used for just about anybody who disagrees with the current government in the United States.

A Google Search shows that other people wonder what a terrorism expert is also. I suggest you do a search on “terrorism expert” and see for yourself. There are some very interesting articles to read.

Unfortunately the best way to become a terrorist expert is to be anointed by Fox News as one.

All of this explains why that whenever Dori brings Mr. Turzanski on his program, they immediately start lighting into every liberal they know. He hates John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, for example, and he really really hates Teddy Kennedy. Don’t get me started on the Kennedy haters. Somehow even though everybody now adores JF Kennedy, because he is dead after all, and his policies have effectively been stopped by Republicans, it is still quite acceptable to hate all of his relatives. Go figure.

I digress.

Invariably the first thing Mr. Turzanski does, after saying something nasty about Teddy Kennedy of course, is to quote Britt Hume of Fox News. Both Dori and Turzanski then chuckle at how brilliant Mr. Hume is, making it clear that they actually watch Fox News. Think about that for a minute. They actually think that Fox News is a credible source of news and opinion. Britt Hume, who sold his soul to Rupert Murdoch, is now treated as a knowledgable source by these guys.

Since I have to listen to KIRO anyway, I am going to start following Dori Monson’s show and pointing out his errors and bias, as well as Mr. Turzanski’s. I mean, why should only conservatives be allowed to be terrorism experts anyway?

Have you tried posting to my blog without success? Please write to me directly to me if you have been blocked. We were getting spammed quite a bit, and I have put filters on the site, but I don’t wish to block any legitimate posters. So let me know. Thanks!

Happy New Year!

It was a beautiful day here in Seattle, the day after Christmas. The Olympic mountains are bathed in fresh snow, the sun was reflected off of the crystal clear mountains, the water was still and blue. Sort of a lull between rainstorms, and of course our days are really short now (getting longer every day, however).

And the Washington State Dems win one, or at least it appears like it. Christine Gregoire wins the Gubernatorial race by 130 votes after a statewide hand recount that followed a computer recount, I am sure you know the story. Now the Republicans are making all the same arguments they opposed just a few weeks ago. Hey that’s politics, and Gregoire isn’t that great a Democrat, either, if the truth be known. Let’s put it this way; She’s not going to support legalizing marijuana or gay marriage anytime soon. But after this year we’ll take any victory.

Of course this is all the lull before the storm. Our newly-elected president is about to submit his nominations to the federal courts, including the dozen or so that were previously rejected. So much for his talk of reconciliation. Hell, he said the same thing 4 years ago, and now he has actually been elected, so don’t expect any hands reaching across the divide this time. The GOP seems more in a vindictive mood, and they will probably drive a few members over to our side before its over.

Happy new year. May we all stay free next year to enjoy this wonderful world. That’s not a given anymore, as Tommy Chong and Martha Stewart could tell you.

Life goes on

We’re still here, and at least John Ashcroft is on his way out. Hey, thank God for small favors.

Here in the state of Washington, a Blue state if there ever was one, we are having an unbelievably close race for Governor. The Republican won by 261 votes and they are now having a recount. Last night I attended an annual panel discussion given by my state senator. One of the panelists was the local head of the NAACP. He took credit for the Republican winning, saying that the Democratic candidate arrogantly took the black vote for granted, and never even courted their vote, figuring they had no choice but to vote Democratic. Meanwhile the Republican actually did campaign in black areas. Worse of all, it turns out that when the Dem was a student at the University of Washington in the 60′s, she was president of a sorority that did not allow blacks. Instead of saying she was sorry, she blamed the tenor of the times.

Hey, you know I am with the NAACP on this one. I was going to college in Florida during the civil rights movement, and dealt with her kind of people, the ones who wouldn’t take responsibility for the horrible things that were being done to black people. Even now, they are excusing themselves, just like our governmental candidate.

We have always known that segregation was wrong. I myself was called a nigger-lover for being a liberal in the south. There were other people growing up in those days by the name of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton who spoke up against injustices. So her excuse sounds pretty lame to me, especially growing up in a liberal town like Seattle. I mean, was she totally unaware of what was going on the 60′s and 70′s?

Right now, it appears that the South won the Civil War, but the tide will turn. I refer you to The Stranger, our alternative newspaper. They say it is just as well that Bush won, because now he will have to deal with the mess he has made in Iraq, not to mention the problems caused by his huge deficits which are bound to cause huge problems with the economy very shortly. If we had won, we would have been blamed for the problems he caused. So maybe it is a blessing that Bush has to clean up his own poop.

So let’s be patient, hope we manage not to get arrested during the next four years, and keep on truckin’.

It’s Damn Close

My prediction is that the momentum is with Kerry. In fact, it could be a landslide for him.

On the other hand I could be wrong.

What I wll be looking for, along with all the other pundits, at 5pm Pacific time on election day (closing time for the east coast): If Kerry wins NH, PA, and NJ I will be feeling really good. If he somehow loses NJ, Bush wins it all. Kerry needs New Jersey. If Florida goes early to Kerry, which I don’t see foresee, Kerry wins easily. Bush needs Florida.

Next is Ohio. If Bush wins it’s almost over for Kerry, especially if he lost Florida, too.

There could be some real surprises, however. If Kerry wins Iowa, in addition to MN, MI, OH, WI, then he also has a chance to capture CO and NM and pretty soon he’s looking at over 300 electoral votes. It could happen.

There are so many possibilities. It’s even possible that the whole thing could be decided in Hawaii, 6 hours after the east coast polls are closed. Oh God! Let’s hope not, although I feel pretty confident Hawaii will vote for Kerry.

Read Slate, Salon, Zogby and the LA Tiimes to see where I am getting my info.

Incidently, there is practically no way that the Dems will win the Senate, even if Bunning loses in Kentucky. Everything would have to break for the Dems to even tie at 50-50, although that wouldn’t be bad now that Zell Miller is gone.

Kerry will win

Short and sweet today. New polls are out. Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota are now going to Kerry. Iowa and New Hampshire are the only 2 states where it is a dead heat. Kerry can now win with either one of those states, even if he loses Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia and Florida, the other very close states. Check it out yourself with the LATimes.com chart.

Kerry looking good!

My apologies. It’s been more than a month since my last post. I was kind of depressed about the election, especially that bounce Bush received after the GOP convention. But now I am ready to move out of pity mode and get back to business.

I am writing this before the second Presidential Debate tonight. I am under no illusions. Kerry has to win all the debates. With the press ready to give the election to Bush with any excuse, Kerry really has to bury Bush just to keep even. Still, that shouldn’t be much of a problem, considering all the hits Bush has been taking lately even from his own party.

And by the way, just what was that on Bush’s back during the first debate? See Salon Magazine today with an article about that. Not to be paranoid, but it really does appear that Bush has an electronic receiver and is being coached by Karl Rove from backstage! Perhaps a reporter should keep his eye on Rove during the debate to see what’s going on!

I have been monitoring 2 websites dilegently during this election: One is the LA Times (www.latimes.com) and the other is Zogby (Zogby.com), the pollster. The LA Times site has this great interactive map of the states, which allows you to play with it to see just what states Kerry or Bush will need to win. For the past month it has looked pretty grim for Kerry. Ohio was going bigtime for Bush, as was Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and all these other midwestern states. It had me wondering what the hell was wrong with those midwesterners anyway. Especially in Ohio, where they are losing all those jobs, not to mention dead soldiers. And Wisconsin, for Chrissakes, they are supposed to be a liberal state. Even Pennsylvania has been nip and tuck.

Anyway, I know that my own state of Washington, as well as Oregon, are going to be Kerry states this year, no matter what the polls might show on any given day. To my analysis the key states are Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. I am most surprised by Florida. I went to high school and college there, and one of the reasons I left was because the place was so damn conservative. And also, the cops were after me, but that’s another story.

So now according to the LA Times and Zogby, a miracle has been happening. Florida is slightly going for Kerry, as is Pennsylvania, and Kerry has practically caught up in Ohio, after being down by 12 to 15 points. Wisconsin, happily, is also back to Kerry.

Bush can’t win without Ohio. Kerry can win if he somehow wins Florida, but it is not absolutely necessary if he wins Ohio and Pennsylvania. Or he could win with Pennsylvania and Florida. I can hardly bring myself to say that. Knowing what I know about Florida, how could it possibly go for Kerry? Needless to say, something has changed in the 30 years since I moved.

I don’t want you to think I place that much faith in the polls by the way. They have been all over the place in the last few months. The reasons? Well first of all there is the telephone thing. Many voters use only cell phones, or refuse to answer if they see an out-of-state call coming in on their caller id. There has been a huge growth in registration of young people and minorities, especially in key states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Nobody knows whether these people are going to vote, but if the Democratic party does their job getting the votes out, then there will be high-fives in all the liberal states.

Zogby has always been the most reliable pollster for me. And now he is showing Kerry with the lead in electoral votes, for the first time I believe. So that is also good news. Zogby even shows Kerry ahead in Colorado and Arkansas, amazingly, states that I haven’t even considered possible.

Now I am going home to watch the debate. Hopefully I won’t have to eat crow tomorrow. Please do a good job, JK.

The Republicans True Face Comes Out

Last night the true face of the Republicans came out as Zell
Miller and Dick Cheney spoke, or rather ranted.

It is now official. If you disagree with G.W. Bush you are a traitor.
If you think there was a better way to handle Iraq than to invade it
under false pretenses with virtually no support from our allies,
than you are not a patriot. In other words, get aboard or get out of
this country.

If you live in California, or anywhere on the West Coast, if you live
in New York or especially in Massachusetts, you are not wanted.
In other words, it is the Civil war all over again. If you are gay, or
black, or an immigrant, you are not welcome. Unless you are a
rightwing Cuban of course.

If you are old enough to have lived through the McCarthy era, you
know to be afraid.


Google and Free Speech

I had a meeting today with Michael Hoy of Loompanics. It turns out that he isn’t allowed to use Google Adwords either. If you aren’t familiar with Loompanics, by all means go to visit their site. They could be the largest publisher of anarchist/subversive titles in the world. They are also highly-respected, having had many articles in main street magazines, such as Time and Newsweek.

I mean, our companies are as American as apple pie. Such freedom of speech does not exist anywhere else in the world. We worship the First Amendment. We should be celebrated and revered, which actually we are by many people. Just not by the asses who run Google AdWords.

Want to see something that defies all logic? If you do a search on Loompanics, you get the usual hits, but you also get an ad. It’s an Amazon ad for a Loompanics book. In other words, you can buy a Loompanics book from Amazon, which is fine with Google, but you can’t find a direct ad to the publisher. I’m incredulous.

BTW, it turns out that Yahoo’s search engine is exactly the same. We have been shut out by them, too. At least they were honest, however, coming right out and saying that they didn’t approve of our website and would refund our money.

Does Google Believe in Freedom of Speech?

About a year ago we were contacted by Google to participate in their AdWords Program. For those of you not familiar with Google, when you do a search small advertisements will appear next to your search. These are called AdWords. For a small price, whenever somebody types in a keyword in the Google Search engine, your advertisement will appear next to their search.

Everytime we try to use the program, however, we have been told that our ad was unacceptable, because “Google does not allow advertisements that promote drug-use or illegal activities or drug paraphernalia.

As a result we have been turned down for “weed,” “hydroponics,” as well as for “marijuana” and “pot.”

Recently we tried the words “shrooms,” “spores,” and “mushroomkit.” We did actually get 3 hits on our ad before they caught up with us and refused the ad again. As you can see from the following exchange, they would give us bogus reasons for turning down the ad, because they do not allow “magic mushrooms.” We never said anything about magic mushrooms, however. We simply used these innocuous words which could be used for any type of mushroom.

It really did seem that we were being singled out because of the other books on our site, which could perhaps be seen as promoting illegal activities. On the other hand, our books are also sold by Amazon.com and many other sites, too, so could it be guilt by association? Could it be that we were singled out because of who we were, rather than what we were advertising? Could it be that Google is discriminating against us because we were selling controversial books? That doesn’t seem fair does it?

The following exchange should prove very interesting to you. Please note that it reads from the most recent letter down to the first exchange, which is common for most email programs.

Dear Arielle:

I wish you had told me ahead of time that you would simply not accept
advertisements from us, rather than actively recruit us to participate in
the Adwords program and then give us bogus reasons for turning us down every
time we tried to run an ad.

We do not sell any books that are not also sold by Amazon and many other
advertisers of yours, so it looks to me like you are being hypocritical and
probably also are acting in restraint of trade.

Thank you,

on 8/6/04 2:03 PM, AdWords Support at adwords-support@google.com wrote:

> Hello David,
> Thank you for your email. I understand that your ad in Campaign #4, Ad
> Group ‘shrooms’ was recently disapproved for promoting drugs or drug
> paraphernalia.
> Google believes strongly in freedom of expression and therefore offers
> broad access to content across the web without censoring search results.
> At the same time, we reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion
> when it comes to the advertising we accept on our site, as noted in our
> advertising terms and conditions.
> The AdWords team reviews each ad in the AdWords program, and we reserve
> the right to refuse to run certain ads or categories of ads on a
> case-by-case basis. We do not permit ads for sites that promote drug use
> or sites that sell books and other products which promote the use of
> drugs. We are thus unable to allow ads for www.homesteadbook.com to run on
> Google.
> Please note that the decisions we make concerning advertising in no way
> affect the search results we deliver.
> Please feel free to reply to this email or contact us at
> adwords-support@google.com if you have additional questions or concerns.
> Sincerely,
> Arielle
> The Google AdWords Team
> —————-
> Publish ads that match your content, help visitors find related products
> and services – and maximize your ad revenue. Visit www.google.com/adsense6
> to learn more.
> Original Message Follows:
> ————————
> From: David Tatelman
> Subject: Re: Your Google AdWords Approval Status
> Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 11:14:51 -0700
> Thank you for your email. I have reviewed the ad and your objections and
> can’t understand what you are referring to. I do not see any mention of
> magic mushrooms, I don’t see any drug paraphernalia mentioned either. I
> will correct the grammatical error you refer to.
> Thank you,
> David
> on 8/5/04 2:06 AM, adwords-support@google.com at
> adwords-support@google.com
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your
>> account, I have found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not
>> meet our guidelines. The results are outlined in the report below.
>> ———————————————-
>> Campaign: ‘Campaign #4,’ Ad Group: ‘shrooms’
>> ———————————————-
>> Homestead Mushroomkit
>> Guaranteed and includes everything
>> 800-426-6777
>> www.homesteadbook.com
>> Ad Status: Suspended – Pending Revision
>> Ad Issue(s): Restricted Product, Unacceptable Content, Need Appropriate
>> Spacing
>> ~~~~~~~~~
>> KEYWORD(S): mushroom kit, shrooms, spores
>> Keyword Status: Suspended
>> Keyword Issue(s): Unacceptable content as keyword
>> ~~~~~~~~~
>> -> Ad Content: At this time, Google does not permit websites that
>> use “magic mushroom” in their keywords, text ads, or image ads, or have
>> a significant portion of site content dedicated to this product(s).
>> -> Content: At this time, Google policy does not permit the
>> advertisement of websites that contain “drugs or drug paraphernalia”.
>> As noted in our advertising terms and conditions, we reserve the right
>> to exercise editorial discretion when it comes to the advertising we
>> accept on our site.
>> -> Ad Text: Please correct the ungrammatical spacing in the following
>> phrase: “Mushroomkit”
>> -> Keywords: Google policy does not permit the advertisement of “magic
>> mushrooms”. This content is not permitted as ad text or keywords. We
>> have therefore disabled the keyword(s) listed above.
>> ———————
>> Restricted Product: Google believes strongly in freedom of expression
>> and therefore offers broad access to content across the web without
>> censoring search results. Please note that the decisions we make
>> concerning advertising do not affect the search results we deliver.
>> Unacceptable Content: Google believes strongly in freedom of expression
>> and therefore offers broad access to content across the web without
>> censoring search results. Please note that the decisions we make
>> concerning advertising in no way affect the search results we deliver.
>> Need Appropriate Spacing: Your ad text must contain grammatical spacing
>> between words and punctuation.
>> Unacceptable content as keyword: In keeping with Google policy, we do
>> not permit advertisers to use certain content as keywords for their
>> Google AdWords campaigns. Google believes strongly in freedom of
>> expression and therefore offers broad access to content across the web
>> without censoring search results. Please note that the decisions we
>> make concerning advertising in no way affect the search results we
>> deliver.
>> ———————
>> If a keyword has been suspended, it will no longer trigger your ad(s).
>> If an ad has been suspended, you may edit it and save your changes to
>> automatically resubmit the ad for review.
>> For more information about our ad requirements, please read the AdWords
>> Editorial Guidelines at:
>> https://adwords.google.com/select/guidelines.html
>> If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at:
>> https://adwords.google.com/support/bin/request.py. We look forward to
>> providing you with the most effective advertising available.
>> Sincerely,
>> The Google AdWords Team

More Chong

Tommy Chong was on the Tonight Show Friday night. Jay Leno seemed genuinely stunned and outraged that Tommy had served 9 months in jail for basically loaning his name to his son’s bong business. Tommy and Jay both expressed bewilderment that it was even against the law to sell bongs. Jay kept asking how could an inanimate object be against the law just because it could possibly be used to smoke pot. He made reference to the fact that he owned motorcycles that could go 170 miles an hour, but that wouldn’t be against the law unless he actually used them for that.

Apparently a head shop in Pittsburgh that was taken over by the DEA ordered a bong (or 2) from the Chong Bong company featuring Tommy’s smiling face on the bowl. Therefore he was guilty of committing a felony across state lines according to the feds in Pittsburgh. Law enforcement officials in California were as bewildered as anybody else that this was against the law. Jay asked, “Isn’t this entrapment?” Poor naive Jay, has no idea what happens every day in the wonderful world of the War on Drugs.

Tommy said he was persuaded to plead guilty by the threat that his son and wife would be charged. As so often happens in law enforcement these days, it was this threat that persuaded Tommy to plead guilty rather than to fight for his rights. He had to fall on his sword to protect his family.

Tommy actually seemed to be in pretty good shape. He laughed a lot when talking about his days in jail, describing how fun it is to sleep with 30 other guys who are constantly farting and snoring.

At the end, surprisingly, Cheech Marin came out at the end. Together they announced that they were indeed making a new Cheech and Chong movie.

This brings me to a couple of other examples of how justice works in America today. As most of you know, the owner of Psilocybe Fanaticus was busted last year. It is supposedly not against the law to sell Psilocybe mushroomkits and spores, but the feds charged him with conspiracy to manufacture drugs, which is a major crime. Eventually he agreed to plead guilty to cultivation of mushrooms, in exchange for sparing his wife and daughter from being charged. Doesn’t that legal tactic sound familiar!!

Read Fanaticus’ own account of the whole ordeal at his website:


It’s quite enjoyable really, and he is a great guy.

Ed Rosenthal’s Big Bud Calendar

We have just received the new 2005 Calendar from Ed Rosenthal, the Big Bud Calendar. We have been after Ed to do a calendar for quite a few years, and we are happy that he finally listened to us!

He did a great job. It is easily the best marijuana calendar we have ever seen. The buds are beautiful. It should be up on our website for retail ordering pretty soon, and our wholesale accounts can buy it now. It is retail priced at a reasonable $11.95. Congratulations, Ed, good job!

Jason King, who did the Cannabible books also has a Cannabis calendar coming out this year from Ten Speed Press. I’ll let you know when we get it. Judged by the quality of the pictures in the books, this should also be a great production.

The High Times Calendar this year takes a different tack, covers from their best issues. We look forward to seeing how that one turns out, too.

Why all the political books?

Visiting our home page, you may very well be wondering what it is with all the political books lately, especially anti-Bush books. I was wondering the same thing. We have always specialized in “counter-cultural” books on growing pot, tattoos, rock music, underground comix, etc. The political section was never that large.

Well that has all changed recently, especially since February 2003 when the Ashcroft administration declared war on all of us hippies. Psilocybe Fanaticus was busted, which suddenly meant it was dangerous for us to continue selling our mushroomkits. Tommy Chong was jailed. Many of the suppliers and retailers we deal with were arrested. It is a cultural war, as apparently the paranoid Bushies consider us to be fair game in their war on terrorism. I guess maybe we do cause terror in their minds.

So apparently if we want to practice our freedoms anymore, we need to change the administration. You might not agree with the Democrats on everything, but at least they seem to support the First Amendment and Freedom of Expression. Although Bush himself used to do drugs, don’t expect any sympathy from him, because now he is a Christian who has seen the light.

Tommy Chong is Free Today

Or at least that’s what his official website says, July 7th is the magic day. Tommy is already scheduled to appear on the tonight show, too. This from the official Cheech and Chong Web page:

Tommy To Appear On The Tonight Show 06.26.2004
Cheech and Chong News

I’m new at this. If the link doesn’t work go to http://www.cheechandchong.com

Today, Jay Leno announced that Tommy Chong will be on the Tonight Show JULY 9TH, shortly after his July 7th release from prison.

Jay claims this will be his first interview after being released. However, Tommy told Howard Stern that he’d appear on his show first. What’s the truth? The truth is that Howard is on vacation that week so he blew his shot to have Chong first.

It’s me again…..We are particularly interested in this story, because such an injustice occurred that a guy was sent to jail because he lent his name to a company that makes glass pipes, for chrissakes.
That even somebody with enough resources to fight a bogus charge from the Federal Government still could not get out of a jail sentence. Hmmmm, can what he did be compared in any way with what happened at Enron for example?

If Tommy had to go to jail for selling a bong, are any of us safe?