Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington State has been quoted saying that she spoke to Clay Bennett, owner of the Sonics, and he has said that the Sonics are not for sale.

Well, duh!

Of course he is saying that.

She is also saying that we could keep the name Supersonics and Sonics and get a new team.

Well, I support the Governor in most things, and she will always have my vote, but this is nonsense. She is not at all helping Seattle’s cause in our effort to keep the Sonics.

Repeat this after me, Governor: We do not want another team. We want to keep the Sonics. If the NBA is stupid enough to allow the Sonics to be stolen from Seattle, well then FUCK THEM! We don’t want another team. We want either our Sonics or we will be quite happy to live forever without another basketball team. Let them beg us if they want to come back to Seattle.