Today Dori Monson kept playing a clip from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. It was Dori’s theory that Mayor Villaraigosa was ignorant, which he hoped to illustrate by quoting a line wherein the Mayor says people need to talk about gay rights at their churches and shuls.

Dori said he didn’t know what a “shul” was and kept making jokes about it. He was obviously thinking that the Mayor meant to say “school,” but instead he just proved his own ignorance. “Shul” is the Jewish word for Synagogue.

I sent him an email to help him out, but he ignored it, probably because it would have ruined his point. And as we all know, Dori is never wrong.

UPDATE: Dori mentioned receiving some email that Shul was a Jewish synagogue. He said he had thought about that, but dismissed it because he didn’t think that was what the mayor was talking about. This just minutes after he said he had never heard of the word Shul. The man is simply incapable of admitting a mistake.